Evaluating your stress level and how to find relief

stresslevels Evaluating your stress level and how to find relief
As over the years i have been talking of techniques for stress management,  I have also been observing the degrees of mounting stress all around me, at different levels, in different ways. As lifestyles evolve and grow, competitive attitudes seem to grow along with.  The planet seems to thrive on a burgeoning stress situation. People's minds are clogged with fears.  Unblocking these,  is what is required in a very planned and systematic way. 

I have been speaking about keeping the mind stress free from a general perspective, but one needs to also comprehend that,  since there are too many different ways of managing stress, we need to evaluate ourselves and realize, which would be the best possible way for oneself. 


The fact of course is, that there are many stress relievers, which can be generally used. Since there are several right tools for stress relief,  you need to see which is your best bet, and then work with those tools, towards your own personal stress management strategy. 
Of course we do realize that most people are looking for simple strategies for stress relief.  They should be powerful,  but need to be easily accessible and workable. 


These are certain strategies,  highly recommended,  as they will help in creating the perfectly required balance in our lives:

1. Techniques that can calm the physiology in a few minutes 
2. These will help to create an inner sense of peace
3. Reverse the fight or flight response
 These are very simple methods like:

1. Breathing exercises 
2. Visualization techniques
3. Listening to music 
4. Mini meditations 

These simple ways of destressing which we can call the quick fixes,  can actually help you reach a level of balance real fast and further more facilitate you in meeting your challenges with a levelheaded approach. 

These simple techniques can be practiced anywhere and everywhere. These are the supposed to be simple breathing exercises or even short meditations which can calm you down,  and can be dealt with anywhere. 
Many times people are heard complaining that these simple techniques are really nor good enough for them.  We need to realize that some people are perfectionists. They need to work on that aspect first and not allow the situation to overwhelm them.

This is imperative before trying to work with any stress management technique.
We shouldn't allow any stressors to overawe oneself.  Treat it like any other situation,  and conquer at ease. 

This is of course a real quick fix strategy. There are no deep rooted changes happening,  but for the moment,  they give you an instant sense of relief. It is very important for us to reach a level of balance. Quick fix techniques anyways do not make you resilient to stress, but they do teach you how to handle it well. 

It is important that you realize and feel that you have many tools at hand, to handle your stressful situations. 
Options in themselves are a stress relief measures. They will help in keeping you adequately happy in a measured way. Even if you are not convinced and totally at peace within yourself,  a certain sense of calmness and peace will prevail within. 
These comprise of strategies which would be time consuming, and need to be practiced in routine, so that they turn into habits.  These build resilience in the long run, and help to actually strengthen the being within.

You should to be pro actively focused on whatever stresses you, and what really energizes and inspires you. 

Actively focus on what you want, and try to make it your principal approach to life. Happy de stressing  and moving on towards a brighter future for yourself. 
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