It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Everything Is A Gift - Say Thank You! With Your Breath

christmas-baby-and-present-picture-id88477335_20191121-130259_1 Everything Is A Gift - Say Thank You! With Your Breath

EVERYTHING IS A GIFT. Simply breathe and know it is true. Allow every breath to be filled with appreciation for life. What more do you need? Everything in life is enough.

We only need to appreciate what we HAVE. There is no reason to wonder why we have it. You donot need to decide what is worthy of gratitude. Everything is worthy of gratitude. We are not made happy because of anything, we are made grateful by everything.

We only need to appreciate what we have, to have enough. When you know all you have, you can’t stop yourself from being grateful. Let every breath say, Thank You! for everything!

Heartful Harmony begins with the one gift that is everything.

Can you remember the last time you felt completely alive?

 The Gift of who you are is a precious gift of Life. The gift of life is unmerited, undeserved, unearned and generous beyond measure. We do not earn our breath, it is a gift. Our heart beats regardless of what we do or believe. The gift of life is all inclusive. No one can be excluded from Life. The gift of who we are cannot be diminished. We can only become more of all we are.

The first Gift of Life is our Heart Beat
Our first heart beat comes nearly eight months before our first breath.

The second Gift of Life is our Breath
The unseen energy of Spirit and Breath animate all forms of life.

Heartful Harmony is a process of being who you are and becoming more of all you are. Breathing in gratitude is living in your natural state of Harmony.

Try it yourself,
With a Heartful Harmony Experiment: Be Grateful With Your Breath


Seven Ways to Build a Practice of Gratitude

1. When you drink a sip of water, give thanks by breathing.
2. While eating, give thanks by breathing.
3. When you take a breath, give thanks by breathing.
4. Feel your heart beat and know you are alive, give thanks by breathing.
5. As you fall asleep, give thanks by breathing
6. When you feel appreciation, give thanks by breathing.
7. Breathe a breath of gratitude for everything in your life.

We cannot think gratitude, we feel gratitude.
Gratefulness lives in our heart and breath.
You can be grateful for everything, with your breath.
Let us be aware of every breath as a feeling of gratitude for Life.

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