Experiencing Life With A Supple Heart

child-love_orig Experiencing Life With A Supple Heart
Years ago while driving my daughter through icy streets, she shared something interesting. She felt time standing still. Sometimes she watched for the pause while I drove. Chloe would pick an area in front of the car and then close her eyes. When she reopened her eyes, everything outside and inside the car was exactly the same. Logically she should have seen a different part of the road. I’m sure there is an easy explanation. I choose to think the reason is part cosmic and part scientific. 
I inquired if she still saw colors around people. Her response was, “Yes, when I think about it”. I understand this. All it takes to connect to an expanded world, is to think about, and feel the expansion. When she was much younger she was afraid there was something wrong with her eyes. She saw colors that other people did not. Eventually she shared with me the colors of her world.

She is not alone; many children experience the ability to easily live in an expanded, or more supple world. They may see images or hear sounds that others can’t. Gradually some children loose this ease of connection. Our adult understanding of the world shadows over their sweet version of life.
The following day Chloe and I were talking about a classroom situation that was stressful. When we pulled up to the school I asked her to imagine sending love, peace, and happiness into the classroom and building. She quickly sent the love and jumped out. 
Much later I inquired about the school day. There were no hurt feelings or unkind words through- out the entire day. Was it the simple intention of sending peace and love into the building?   

I have learned the easy process of connecting to peace, calm, and even Angelic protection. It really is a one step process. Think and imagine peace and calm. Instantaneously you will feel peace and calm. 


​In Alaska we continue to experience Earthquakes. Some quakes are small and occur when it is light out. Others have been sizable and come in the dark. This has been happening in temperatures hovering around 0 Fahrenheit.  The shaking, rumbling, cold and dark has been eating away at my peace and calm.
I wonder what the world is trying to tell us. 
I have lived in Alaska for almost 18 years. The Summers are magical. The sun light and green plants almost last forever. There is a sense of freedom to explore land that is not built up by man. Your body doesn’t need as much sleep. The energy is light and quick moving. 
In the Alaskan winter the energy feels dense and slows down. Most of the trees have lost their leaves. The sun does not fully rise in the sky and only a tiny bit of light is offered.  The temperatures drop. We spend more time inside. Alaska in the winter doesn’t share subtle messages. The Earth speaks loudly here. 
As I feel and hear the Earth speak, I try to interpret the messages. I watch the dogs react to the changes. I see the birds fly, and wonder if they feel the shifting. I recognize now is the time to send the energy of peace and love to our planet.

Let each of us imagine every part of our world is bathed in the light of love. We only need to think of it. It is not necessary to be in a temple, climb a mountain or even light a candle. It is so easy, think of love and experience love. This is living with a supple heart.

Suppleness is the ability to flow from fear or sadness to comfort and love with just a thought. 

Sometimes, as we age our hearts don’t expand with the gentleness and grace of our younger years.  There might be pauses or difficulty connecting to a higher vibration energy. Perhaps collectively our consciousness is shifting, and finding easier ways to form a remembered connection. Maybe this consciousness is causing the jolts and shifting of the Earth. 
Maybe our human consciousness is beginning to blend in with the healing energy of the Earth and together we create a new understanding of life.
Or maybe the Earth is showing us the way to live a supple and graceful life. In this perfect moment of stillness our hearts are expanding and the Earth is watching.  


Channeled Message

Imagine the gift of just observing human kind. Imagine watching when people are experiencing shame, fright and fear. You also observe the experience of courage, joy and pure love.
The energy of joy creates a vortex that pulls love, courage and all the sweetness of life into it. This vortex is always around you, even part of you. Feel it.
The energy of fear and loneliness creates a separate vortex. Your thoughts can pull you into this experience just as they can pull you into the experience of love. 
These ribbons of consciousness or human awareness are always expanding and contracting in accordance to your beliefs and thoughts, even emotions. You have the ability to control what you want to experience in your life. Start with your emotions. Observe what and who brings you into the vortex of love. This is meant to guide you deeper into the world where only expressions of love remain. 
Higher up we no longer connect with anything but love. The rest has been released and transformed into love. There are no words, thoughts or comprehensions of anything but love. 
As you explore even deeper into our world, you experience the ability to review your entire existence with the notion of love. Every act, thought and word is reviewed. You see the ripples caused by your kindness and insight. You see the gifts you have shared with others. You experience the gratitude again and again. 
You fall in deeper and deeper and see how others have shared with you. Their kindness, words and actions triggered a memory of awareness in your heart. You understand the gifts in each lesson. You witness every miracle that occurred. In recognizing that everything can be viewed with the emotion and connection to love, nothing else exists. 
It is impossible to experience anything but love. 
The energy all around you and with-in you is love.
Only love remains.
End of Channel

Blessings and love.

Blind Spots, Falling Off the Empire State Building...
Healing Remembers Wholeness

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