Fear Of Connecting To Our Source


Why do you fear connecting to others? Have you noticed that your life is more enjoyable when you stay in your comfort zone and never put yourself out there? I know you might be wondering how to overcome your fear of connecting to others. 

I'm here to help! First, let's start by defining this fear and what it means for your life.

Fear is a natural human emotion that can protect us from danger or hurt. It helps us avoid situations where we feel vulnerable and unsafe, but sometimes it tends to go hand in hand with anxiety.

Fear can be defined as a "powerful emotion that makes you afraid or anxious about something harmful, unpleasant, or threatening." When we feel fear, our heart rate increases and adrenaline flows through our bodies. This feeling in the body is a natural response to danger. 

The problem with fear is when it becomes an overused reaction to situations. Because of this, many people have developed post-traumatic stress disorder. They are being exposed to too many trauma-related stimuli without time to process their feelings about them. 

For us not to get caught up in the cycle of constantly feeling fearful, we must find ways of coping with these fears and work towards finding solutions instead of running away from them together. 

We are social creatures. We crave connection and validation from others, but we also fear it. Why? How is this Fear of Connecting to Others/Source? What does this mean for us and the world we live in? 

Our natural human desire for connection with others is the root of so many of our problems. We are conditioned to believe that we can't share who we are because it will make us vulnerable and hurt when people reject us or don't want to be around us anymore. Our fear of connecting can lead to loneliness, depression, anxiety, addiction and other forms of suffering. It's time for all of this to change - you deserve love! 

Experts say that when people feel isolated, they experience higher levels of stress hormones like cortisol, contributing to health problems such as heart disease or depression. Studies show that loneliness is more harmful than smoking 15 cigarettes a day! 

We all live in an age where things are changing rapidly, and those who are lucky enough to have achieved their goals know that they can change just as quickly. The only thing stopping us from reaching our potential is ourselves - fear of failure, success or what others might think about us. Fear doesn't just come up. 

Fear is gripping. It's strong, and it can be dangerous at times. The way to release fear is simple: do something about it! But, fear can also be released when you take control of your thoughts and follow through with positive action.  

If you want to eliminate the fear that's following you around like a shadow, start by taking baby steps towards your goal or project that scares you. You'll find that after each step forward, the feeling of dread will begin to dissipate because of all of the negative energy. Keep moving forward one small step at a time until the feeling fades away completely! Has been used up on things in real life instead of getting stuck in your head.

Expertise is not something you are born with; it's something that is being developed over time. It takes courage to become an expert in any field, and the only person stopping you from reaching your goals is yourself. 

Do you ever feel like you're the only person stopping yourself from reaching your goals? It's a familiar feeling. It is so common that it can be pretty depressing to think about. The good news is that we can do things to stop ourselves from being our own worst enemy and reach those goals.

We all have a voice in our heads telling us what we should or shouldn't do. Sometimes this voice comes from an outside source such as a parent, coworker, teacher etc.; other times, it is just the way we talk to ourselves internally. If this negative self-talk has been going on for some time, then it may be challenging to break out of, but with practice and patience, we can overcome these thoughts; if I can do it, anyone can, as I am no different from you. 

It is essential to understand that our thoughts and feelings are not facts. Thoughts like "I am ugly" or "I will never be able to do X Y or Z" are just thoughts. They are not truths about who you are, what the world is, or what anyone else thinks of you. 

The more we pay attention to these thoughts in everyday life, the stronger they get in our minds and the more power over us they have. We may find ourselves avoiding situations because of fear of being judged by others or feeling inadequate for specific tasks. Often leading to a vicious cycle where we become miserable because of how we think about ourselves, which makes us want to avoid being around people even more than usual. 

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