Find Freedom with the Three Powers of the Serenity Prayer

light-candle-buring-in-celebration-and-spirit-meditation-picture-id1004928324 Find Freedom with the Three Powers of the Serenity Prayer

This week’s Goddess message that jumped out at me was the goddess Sophia who represents Divine Wisdom. Her archetypal meaning refers to the wisdom that doesn’t come from integrated human experience, rather the wisdom given to us directly from Source- a higher wisdom, a higher ground from which to see that is greater than our human experience. So how do we access this, and what does it mean for us, when we do?

After this intense Scorpio Full Moon weekend, we’re offered a new beginning where we have time to integrate what we’ve learned keeping in mind what is ours to shift and also what is not ours. Divine Wisdom refers to how we manage our expectations and projections, and what we make things mean. Can we break through the illusion and surrender to what truly is?

Of all the prayers that best illustrates this is the Serenity Prayer.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

If we look at this prayer in three parts, the first part is about surrendering to a Higher Power, acknowledging that we are seeking peace and help to radically accept what is in front of us and to recognize when we are powerless.

The second part is about summoning the courage to face our responsibility and accountability for our part in co-creating our reality. Change brings resistance and courage implies that sometimes it’s scary and we may not have the experience to know what to do and what will occur but it’s up to us to make the changes where we have the power to do so.

The third part reminds us that we need discernment when it comes to what we can influence and what we can’t. How often do we want to change another person or their behavior, but the only thing in our power to do is to let go, and recognize when we can do nothing. What we can do is change our attitudes and shift our perspective and be mindful of our actions.

Our conscious contact with a Higher Power matters.

Our surrender to truly knowing that we have no control over other people and some circumstances matters because it liberates us when we act in accordance.

What we do, how we think, believe and behave matters.

This is what grace is all about, what true partnership with Source looks like and how we can be more compassionate contributors to the world. And, when we stop banging on the wrong doors the right one always opens.


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