Four Ways To Find Purpose In Challenge

challenges Four Ways To Find Purpose In Challenge

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” so the old saying goes. Easier said than done, perhaps? I don’t think so. You see, life’s trials can be seen as horrible events that make you question, “Why me?” Or, those same trials can be seen as great opportunities to grow, expand, and evolve in ways we may not have thought possible.

So the question is: how? How do we harness the power of these challenges and turn them into amazing opportunities instead of allowing them to suck us down into the mire of negativity where we know we’ll get stuck?

Of course, everyone’s experience is going to be a bit different, but there are some basic “guidelines” to follow in order to learn to persevere in the face of adversity! To that end, here are four ways to see the opportunities among the challenges.

      1. Remember Your Curiosity – When we were kids, everything interested us. We wanted to know the who, what, when, where, and how about everything we saw, everything we touched, or heard, or sniffed. We were so thirsty for knowledge because it was the only way we could form opinions about the world around us. As we grew, it’s likely that most of that curiosity about life took a back seat to responsibility, adulthood, jobs, and family. So let’s get back to that curiosity when it comes to challenges. Let’s embrace the possibilities that could occur if we simply move through the challenge, piece by piece, day by day, or even minute by minute. By engaging your curiosity, any challenge will seem less daunting and frightening, and more “Hey, let’s see what can happen!”


      2. Attempt to Gain Perspective– Another saying – “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” And it applies here, too. Consider that your reality of the challenge is simply A reality, not THE reality. How does the situation look when you look at it objectively instead of subjectively? Being open to accepting a new viewpoint is enormously liberating, and can truly help you see a silver lining just waiting inside that challenge – and there is rarely the absence of a silver lining! Perspective can also help us understand and empathize with others that are involved in the challenge


      3. 100% Honesty with Yourself – While not easy or comfortable, being completely honest with yourself about your challenges can allow you to see where you might’ve done things differently to secure a more positive outcome. These aren’t meant to be lessons in self-judgement, but they are a wonderful opportunity for learning about yourself in a very real, very effective way. Be honest about your actions, and your responsibility as it relates to your trials and struggles. Instead of placing blame, see where you might’ve acted or reacted differently.


      4. Eliminate Your Ego – The only way you can work through your trials in order to get to the other side is by being open – being open to change, open to honesty, open to objectivity, and open to letting go of ego. This is where the real magic happens when you’re faced with adversity. When you get rid of your ego, you become ready to accept into your life the reality of any situation, and you have the opportunity to make that reality a positive one instead of a negative one. Your ego will hold you back from opening yourself up to the possibilities that come with challenges. Your ego will prevent you from looking at the situation and yourself honestly. So throw the ego out the window, and get down to some serious evolution!


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