#1 Prosperity Secret- You Need to Make Space for it!

#1 Prosperity Secret- You Need to Make Space for it!

I said goodbye to a noisy friend yesterday. I had to finally let go because being around them made it too hard for me to think. They filled my head with so many stories of the past it’s been next to impossible to allow anything new to form in my head.

I started noticing every time I would draw near I would just be bombarded with too much chatter, so many memories grasping for my attention. Like crabs in a bucket as I tried to crawl out to allow for something new, they would pull me back.

It became too crowded and congested in my manifesting mind. Frankly exhausting to be around them. I needed to make a change.

My favorite daybed has been a focal point of my office for 6 years and has accompanied me through many momentous life experiences- and come with me to 4 homes and two countries. It’s got a lot of stories to tell. It’s just that I need to make new ones and it wasn’t letting me!

Yes one piece of furniture can be a giant piece of cacophonous clutter that can prevent you from manifesting your dreams and desires. Why? Because every object carries with it at least one story. This one accumulated too many for me to be quiet enough to imagine something new.

Recently, although so many new things have been accomplished, whenever I went into my office it became harder and harder to think. My day bed was overflowing with stories. There was no more room or space for new ones.

When I looked at it within moments I was bombarded with feelings and glimpses of me sitting on it struggling through my book Uncharted, tuning into Fred, writing two oracle decks, starting many unfinished songs, getting all excited then quickly forgetting about learning Spanish etc.

Then came all the canine connections- seeing my dog Beanie in her last moments of life, then Sebastian perched waiting to pounce on the new puppy, then Olli seizuring as she lay close beside me.

All the fullness of my life from the last 6 years accumulated right there to form a big invisible obstacle to the shift I needed to make.

Can one piece of furniture hold that much power?

OH yes it can!

That day bed became a quagmire of noise and if I wanted to move into a new manifesting cycle it just had to go.

One phone call and it now lives in a brand new home being bounced on by happy children and my grateful massage therapist. To that family the only story that came with it was who they got it from.

Clutter clearing is not about making things look nice and orderly. It’s not just about “ less is more” and making things easier to clean. It’s really about creating energetic space by keeping the environment more neutral and you more aware of the stories you choose to surround yourself with.

One time I had a vase given to me by a client who had a very combative sarcastic personality. Every time I looked at it I would tune into that energy. NOT for me! It now lives somewhere else and I no longer connect to her voice.

Do you have any objects in your environment that tell stories and fill your head with angst, reproach, or a challenge to your self worth? No matter what if you want a prosperous life it’s not a good idea to have those things around.

Our inner world dictates our experience and the way we connect to and affect the outer. The more efficient we are at keeping our runway clear the easier it is to take off and fly.

Do you have anything overly chatty in your environment preventing your prosperity? Can you let it go?

Bet you would feel a whole lot quieter if you did.

My new white vegan leather couch arrived yesterday. My office is still and open again, my imagination unencumbered by all the old stories.

I can hardly wait to start working on my new Spirit Animal oracle cards!

Plenty of room for them to channel through me now!

Love you so .. always and forever.

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