A Must-Watch Video For Anyone Facing Cancer or Any Other Health Concern


How to become the CEO of your own health and live a crazy, sexy life.

“Healing is all about self-reliance.” — Kris Carr

Do you want to truly live a vibrant, healthy, and big life every single day?

Have you or someone you care about ever faced cancer? Or maybe you fear cancer for yourself or your friends and family? Or maybe you or someone you love was recently diagnosed with a different disease or health concern?

This video is for you — and everyone.

Kris Carr is a Food Revolution Summit speaker, a New York Times bestselling author, a 14-year cancer survivor (or as she likes to say “cancer thriver,”) and a world-changing health advocate.

In the following inspiring and empowering video, she shares her journey from cancer diagnosis to vibrant health.

Kris Carr: How to live a Crazy, Sexy life

Note: If the video above doesn’t work for you may need to watch it here.

What does it mean to live a Crazy, Sexy life?

“Crazy is unique,” Kris says. “Different. The celebration of what makes you different. Sexy is informed. Empowered. Standing in your power and helping other people do the same.”

In the video, Kris talks about how prevention is the best cure. She says, “More often than not, our genes are not our fate.”

Kris’ 5 pillars of prevention:

  • What we’re eating
  • What we’re drinking
  • What we’re thinking
  • How we’re resting
  • How we’re renewing

What we need to do, as she discusses in the video, is accept ourselves as we are right now and give ourselves permission to care for ourselves.

“We don’t need fixing; we need loving,” Kris says.

Tell us in the comments. What did you take away from watching this video? What did you learn? We’d love to know.

Kris Carr quote about taking ownership of your health

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