A Plan for Managing Stress

People have a tendency to overlook their stress. Every few days I like to write about the benefits of an overall plan for managing stress as I do realise the importance of it from my personal counselling sessions with my clients. 

From time to time we need to address the concept of stress management within us. It is not a one time strategy you apply, its an ongoing process you need to keep track of. It is important that you should have an overall plan for managing your stress and not allow your stress levels to rise high before you start handling them.

I feel the need to talk about the avaliable recourses for handling most of the stressful situation's . The smart thing is to combat our own stressful personal scenarios with the recourses available to us.

Most of the time we remain abreast our stressful situation when we keep ourselves on a higher level of awareness and conciousness. It is only when you deal with stress in less than healthy ways that you compound the negative impacts of stress on your health.

It can be that your responses to stress make the challenges you feel, more challenging .

Maintaining Balance 
This is the most important aspect of stress management.  We need to create a lifestyle in sync with our values, a schedule to create health promoting habits. We need to understand how to deal with the negatives life metes us on the platter and move our perspective according to our challenges.

Yet many a time we realise that despite all our efforts stress is throwing us off balance. 

We need to realise that life does not always turn the way we plan and "true balance " is not a continuous state. There could be many factors that throw things off the scheduled path.

Getting Centered
We must understand that we need to regroup and make adjustments to constantly create a new state of balance in our lives according to our changing circumstances. Although we know this we still get surprised by the level of adjustment which is required,or we even constantly get into a self blame game within our own selves.

We like to believe that balance should come easily and immediately.  We set up unrealistic standards for ourselves and get extremely agitated when we cannot meet our own standards. Therefore we create more stress for ourselves. 

Minor Challenges 
These also sometimes call for small adjustments. Each time we take up a new activity or deal with a new situation we take up these adjustments. It could be anything ranging from dealing with a new relationship or even lack of sleep. 

Toxic Stressors
Sometimes we get knocked down by unexpected stressors and getting centred could require serious adjustment's. 

Staying down however is a choice we are free to make. 
We need to find techniques to be emotionally centered whether the challenge we face is large or small.

Regaining Balance 
Each situation small or large throwing us off balance needs redoing in order to reinstate our own level of balance.

Use the following techniques to set your balance right

1. Even a few minutes will reinstate your level of calm and balance 
2. Different techniques can be used to describe stress and maintain a level of calm

Discuss with Friends 
Brainstorming sessions with friends sometimes could be the most rewarding and relaxing experience's in a personally stressed scenario. 

Changing Perspectives 
Allow the situation to be. You know when you cannot change it.  You can change your way of looking at things. Shift to a more important optimistic view.

Take up a New Habit
There are habits which help with organisational skills. Catch on to these.

Let Go of Negative People 
Identify the people in your life who create stressful situations for you. They drain  your energy.  Minimalise their role in your life. 

Make Time for Yourself
Spending time with yourself is the biggest stress reliever. 

As we are constantly running we need to build energy between our challenges.  We must recover before we meet the next challenge. 

Resiliant Towards Stress
You need to always make a concious effort to make stress management a part of your life.

All the recourses applied well will make you resilient towards the effects of stress in your life.
 Reprinted from The Tribune India with permission.
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