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Enhance Your Life into perfect health

dogwalk Enhance Your Life into perfect health
Stress can attack us at various levels, choosing to hassle us from various walks of life. Different aspects need handling differently, or we may say that stress relief will also come to us from many different directions.

There are so very many stress relief tools at our disposal, yet we need to understand our own inherent temperament and choose what suits us the best.

Stress is not only a mind game as we are taught to believe, but the body is equally involved. According to me ''Stress is actually an expression of our mind-body connection'' Whatever we think manifests itself as an expression through our body, in the form of illness or joyfulness. So in order to keep our mind-body connect in tandem and ourselves stress-free we need to find a simple strategy which will help us to Relax or de-stress our minds in such a way that we can reverse the body's stress response in order to avoid the negative effects of stress.

Of course, there are several strategies which can reverse the stress response like Breathing, PMR, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Laughter, Excercise, etc. We can handle each and every one of them individually but let us just focus on one strategy today.


I personally feel it is one of the greatest stress busters. While we are constantly focusing on the mind and our thought process, we tend to ignore our bodies, thinking that a good body is a natural part of our being due to our disciplined mind. But this is not so.

My personal research has shown that we must learn to give adequate time and mental energy focus on our physical being also along with.

Exercise is not only an excellent stress buster, it brings relief to our physical being in ways other than those experienced by just reversing the stress response.

 1. Provides distraction
 It takes the mind of the immediate problems which are hassling you.

2. Releases Endorphins

These are the feel-good chemicals, they help in dissipating stress from within.

3. Pacifyies Frustration
All the small irritants are taken care of.

4. Puts body into shape.

A good figure is as essential to the body on a feel-good scale as much to the mind in terms of mind-body balance.

5. Decreases Stress Hormones like Cortisol

This, in turn, takes care of balancing the positive and the negative. 

6. Decreases negative emotions

Exercise is a pleasant way to feel a high by ridding us of negativity
It is on the whole an experience we can describe as a '' Look Good Feel Good'' scenario. Once our body is in shape we start to feel good about ourselves. As we look at ourselves in the mirror, it gives us a natural boost mentally.


The only disadvantage is that it is not a quick stress reliever and benefits are only achieved when sustained exercise has been practiced. So we cannot reap its benefits as a quick measure of stress relief such as breathing or meditation.


 For most people, just the act of doing something for yourself is a great stress reliever. Creating a routine with your exercise regimen is really an imperative task.

1. Think of it like an office routine

2. Split your exercise routine

3. Do short sessions a few times a day.

4. Mini exercise sessions are very effective.

5. Cardiovascular health is strengthened

6. A level of discipline keeps the mind-body connect in order


This is accomplished in many ways through exercise which can actually go a long way to improve overall health.

1. You will get quality sleep

2. Exercise sets up regularity in your life.

3. Cutting caffeine intake helps

4. Tell yourself ''I can do it''
Studies show us that there are Time Saver exercises can be practiced by most working people during lunch or tea breaks or other short intervals in their routines. These are complementary to your health as they

1. Boost your mood

2. Clear your mind

3. Give you time to reflect

4. Boost your energy
 Let me give you a few tips to follow, to keep your exercise routine easy so that you can enjoy it.


Eat a part of lunch before exercises like plain yogurt and a fruit. The rest of your meal can be had once you finish the exercise.


This is essential. It gives you a reason to get on with it.


Choose days and timings when there are fewer obstacles to your path. Select your timings routine and then stick on with it.


Think of your own personal creative ways of making your exercise routine fun. Do the necessary training, but at your own pace. 


Choose from the following:

1. Take the dog for a walk.
2. Play a light game like badminton or basketball
3. Do some gardening

1. Reduce B.P.
2.Reduce cholesterol
3.Reduce body fat
4. Improve the quality of life.


1. Jogging: 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week.
2. Brisk walking: 30 minutes for 5 days a week
3. Weight Training: Set of 8 exercises two days a week
This will improve muscle strength and endurance


1. Aerobics
2. Strength Training
3. Stretching
Plan this for 20 -60 minutes

Of course, these are meant for people who want to live on a high fitness scale. For most of us, a moderate level of a fitness routine is idyllic.


Ultimately the choices are always ours. How we help ourselves to get into a perfect health condition. This, of course, entails a mind-body romance. Be in love with yourself. Romance the being within you. Watch yourself emerge as this new rejuvenated being you are meant to be.

Enjoy life.
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