How to Create and Maintain Relationship Harmony


Are you tired of arguments and combating anger from your partner?

Do you ever wish that there was some piece of magic that could take the turbulence out of your relationship so you could enjoy it more?

Well there is! This piece of magic is called good karma, and it can be used to create happiness and harmony in your relationships.

Despite popular belief karma is actually your friend, or it can be if you learn to use it to your advantage. To do this we must change our strategy and the beliefs we have about karma.

This means we are going from 'an eye for an eye' concept, to giving love and compassion and having it come back to you. This approach not only works, but it works right away and without saying a word.

To do this we must be willing to let go of the belief that we need to protect ourselves from our partner or that they have some sort of ill intention towards us. Anger and fighting are always caused by assumptions created by misunderstandings or lack of communication. If your partner actually has ill intentions towards you, then you have no place being in a relationship with them. This is almost never the case.

Once you judge someone, his or her spirit knows it. They may not know it consciously, but they are now wary of you and less inclined to be compassionate and kind to you. The laws of karma will send the judgment right back to you.

When it appears that your partner is crossing you in some way, refrain from judgment and accusations. Take the time to understand why they might be doing what they are doing, or saying what they are saying. Come from a place of love, and communicate your feelings with the intention of bringing peace back into the dynamic. This will keep you in the empowerment position.

Be thoughtful and generous, and you will get it all back. Be what you are looking to experience in your relationship.

Give it a shot because it works! It works with every type of relationship. You can start creating personal empowerment right now by using and creating good karma.

If by any chance you are doing these things and are still being treated poorly, it means that you need to love yourself more. Not feeling worthy of love or happiness has attracted this unpleasant experience. Create good karma with yourself through self-love, and watch the unsatisfactory relationships dynamics shift for the better.

The rules of karma are not going anywhere so we may as well use them to our advantage. Do your best to love and be compassionate in the face of relationship issues, while gently implementing the right personal boundaries for yourself.

That is the key to maintaining the empowerment position in all relationships.
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