Meet my amazing new friend and teacher Louis!

Meet my amazing new friend and teacher Louis!

When you look at this picture, what do you notice?

Two people, hanging out on the beach in Puerto Vallarta?

Two happy people?

Two friends?

Really… what do you see/feel?

How about in this one? Do you see anything different? Feel anything different?

And, in this one???

Someone trying to sell me something?

A high five?

An agreement on something?

What do you see/feel when you look at these pictures?


Stay with me my friend … I am making a point … I promise.

I met this young man, LOUIS, in Puerto Vallarta while we were on our Spirit of the Sea Cruise in May 2017. He was one of the guys that were on the beach selling stuff. You know… if you have ever been to Mexico, or really any foreign country, there are people walking around selling their stuff. Hats, jewelry, home decor, clothes, purses, cigars… you name it, you can usually get it. They are out there making a living. They carry pounds and pounds and pounds of products in the high heat and humidity while walking in the HOT sand. They work hard to support their families. This young man was no different than any of the other hundreds of salespeople that have asked me if I wanted to purchase something they were selling. At least, he didn’t think he was any different. Some might see it otherwise.

Oftentimes, when they ask me if I want to buy something, I tell them No, Thank you. Sometimes, I have to say it two or three times before they will leave me alone. I’ve seen many many people get downright angry when they come up to them, cuss them out, etc. I’ve always looked at it as … they are just making a living and the beach and those on it, are their customers. It doesn’t usually bother me. When I want to buy or engage with them … I tend to have fun with them, get to know about them and their families. I ask a lot of questions ? My husband always jokes around with them and gets them laughing. We just truly enjoy the connection. Not all the time though … Sometimes, I am not in the mood. Sometimes I just want to be left alone. Sometimes, I am simply not present.

Gratefully, on this day, I was present. Which made me very aware of what I may have missed in the past, by not being present to each individual person I have crossed paths with. My loss … and a great insight.

This young man Louis, touched our hearts ...

My friend Alan and I visited with Louis on the beach. He was selling little purses and scarves. He was a strong business man, ran a hard bargain. He even charged more than some of the other vendors. But, that smile ? … and those eyes ? … and that SPIRIT within him ?

He was a light on the beach that day. A man of confidence, integrity, and absolute strength. He didn’t speak English, so our verbal communication was limited, but man did we have a heart connection.

His light was so bright that it was hard to even notice what the physical eyes were seeing.

You see Louis, is one of the most hardworking men I’ve seen. EVER!!! He sells his wares right alongside everyone else with no help, or sympathy from anyone else. He doesn’t ask for or want or need sympathy. He just needs love and respect (just like the rest of us) and a sale or two ? ? What makes Louis different, is … he has no fingers. He had toes sewn on where fingers would go. It was remarkable to watch him do everything he did. To pull a zipper, use a phone, organize his purses, fold his scarves. We were AMAZED!!!!!!!!

Our amazement fell out of our eyes several times in the form of tears …

Sometimes, in life you meet someone, or you have an experience that goes far beyond the moment. This was one of those for me, my husband, Alan … and the rest of my team and friends that were there. This man, Louis, reminded us of how blessed we all are. ALL OF US!!!!!! IN ALL WAYS!!!!

As I think back to that time we spent with him and I FEEL into the moment, I can FEEL his BRIGHT, BRIGHT, POWERFUL LIGHT!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing teacher he is!!!!!!

I learned a lot from my friend Louis!

There are no excuses … if you want it, you can do it.

There are no Mistakes.

Trust in your abilities to figure it out!

Everything is figure-out-able.

Be Confident.

Be Present.

and most importantly

Be Grateful.

Let life inspire you moment by moment …

Oh ya … and did I mention …

The other amazing thing about Louis is that he does all of that, without legs either!

And, he’s not complaining.

Man, I sure am inspired by Louis!!!

He makes me want to be a more appreciative person.

How about you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this blog. Please share in the comments if you feel guided. I sure hope Louis has inspired you. He sure did inspire us! Many blessings to you my friend – SDJ♥

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