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The Secret to Guided Visualization Meditations ( hint its not about seeing things!)


I spend the morning as I love to do hand on heart, smiling with gratitude and listening to the ambient noise that fills my room from the open windows. The wind has changed lately now that the trees have leaves on them and the sounds have a soft flutter to them.

Various birds chirp and sing. I look outside and see red winged blackbirds, some kind of neon yellow finch and another bright bird -orange and black. Three Crows fly by as do my favorite wide winged majestic turkey vultures. Everything is bright green now. A soft rain begins to fall. As I take in the scenery I am relaxed and happy.

Now, reading this you likely have an idea of how the energy is that I am telling you about. You know what I have seen and by my description you have a sense of the experience. You know this because you have seen it or read about it before. It rises up from your memory when you read. Simple right?

So if you closed your eyes and I prompted you to see these things, would you get stumped by your inability to actually see inside your head via your imagination or be ok with knowing it?

This is a BIG deal for a lot of people who attempt to use guided visualization in their meditation practice and can make for a very frustrating experience if you are not a “seeing” type of person.

The big issue is this. When prompted to see a bird, or an enchanted ocean or an angel what if you don’t see anything?

Imagine.. Maybe this is you? You’re listening to beautiful music, then a soothing voice comes on.. ( so far so good) ah.. Yes she says Relaaaaaaaaaax.. ( also good) then you hear some ocean sounds ( that’s good too.. Easy to be at the ocean) then she says “ a white sandy beach appears and a beautiful angel arrives accompanied by a magical bird come to take you somewhere ….yadaydayadayada”. At the point you didn’t “see” an angel you might be going “ no angel.. But ok..” then you don’t “see” a bird either and now you’re getting antsy.. And mumbling to yourself “ why is there NO angel and NO bird” and you force yourself to try to see but you are getting tense now and starting to dislike the voice and wanting to turn it off because you do NOT find this soothing at ALL. YOU MUST BE DOING SOMETHING WRONG. You shout to yourself.

Has this ever happened to you?

Or… this…

Her voice tells you to relax, you’re doing pretty good, she says there is an ocean but you go to a meadow , ( that’s not right!) she says an angel comes and you are hanging out with a deer (huh?) you stop and go “ this isn’t what she is saying!” GAH ! And then she says ( you are starting to resent the voice now) that a bird comes to fly you somewhere BUT you’re now on a boat with your deceased Dad and scrambling trying to do what the voice tells you. By the time the vision journey ends you are so stressed out you can’t remember why on earth you decided to do this. You MUST be doing something WRONG.

Sound familiar?

These are two of the most often complaints and worries I have gotten from students over the years( and recently in Oracle School where we use a lot of these techniques). And, what I also had to learn about when I began introducing guided visualization as a mindfulness technique in my own practice over 30 years ago.

I could NOT meditate quietly in the beginning of my spiritual journey. I was one of those ants in your pants kind of ADHD people who couldn’t bear sitting still in silence.

Accompanied by my horde of mind monkeys I drove myself and my meditation teachers in the early days batty with my incessant need to understand what was wrong.

Then I met Yvonne. The first time ever I was introduced to a guided journey was electrifying. She took me through a simple chakra meditation and in 20 minutes I was hooked.

Now .. I’m a clairvoyant.

I am a seer

But I didn’t “see” a thing! I heard the story and followed along and just did it. It never occurred to me that I had to watch a mind movie for it to work.

She said something like .. it’s a combination .. “ see, think, feel, hear, imagine”

Now that said. Sometimes I experienced a guided meditation like a technicolor acid trip ( oops did I say that ?) other times I saw just glimpses of the story and other times a whole other story rose up within me with characters that didn’t belong at all and because my first teacher just told me all of it was fine I didn’t fight it.

And then there were the times I fell asleep and snored myself awake.
Then there were the times I could not for the life of me listen to the voice that rubbed me the wrong way.

All of it.. This and that.

And it comes in waves and in different combinations of experience.

The secret is allowing the experience to be what it is!.

Most of us are “ knowers” rather than “seers”.

You “know” what is being said, and if you can allow your mind to be curious .. you’ll just “know” what kind of bird, what color the ocean is.. Etc.

You might hear a word, a description, or you might feel it etc.

And if you do “see” within and all of a sudden see nothing, don’t struggle, just allow the new way to reveal itself.

No matter what you will be accessing your personal memory as well as the personal memory bank of the whole of humanity.. Consciousness reveals itself as it will.

You just need to allow it. … and listen, see, feel, think, and know.. Or sleep.. It’s all good.

This week I am giving you the Guided meditation Journey Get On Your BIrd.

If you don’t have it already download it. If you do have it but struggled with the prompts try it the way we’ve talked about this week. Betcha you will love it!

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