What It Means to Walk In Your Power

What It Means to Walk In Your Power

Throughout life, I’ve been told a few times that I don’t fully own and walk in my power.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand and admit they are right. I know it’s there. I see it come to life through me from time to time, but I don’t always own it. I’ve been guilty of knowingly and unknowingly dimming myself. I’ve done it to fit in, I've done it to be liked, and I've done it to be loved. I’ve also dimmed my power because I’m uncomfortable with it. At times I find myself afraid of the power I possess.

This stands true for most of us. Most people don’t fully own their power. The sad part is most people aren’t even aware they don’t own it. Most of us aren’t comfortable with our voice, our presence, our individuality and our uniqueness. We constantly keep others in our vicinity as a crutch. This way we never have to be alone to deal with ourselves, and we never have to fully step into our power, especially if the people around us don't own their power either.

I get it. Owning our power makes us stand out and separates us from the crowd. It also means taking responsibility for our life and everything within it. It means owning our greatness, not in a way that we’re better than anyone else, but in a realization that we are everyone else.

It also means there will be times that you won’t be liked and times you’ll be misunderstood. You will have haters. There are people who don’t like it when you’re different; they take it personally when you step away from the crowd. There are people who are threatened by individuals who respect themselves, know their worth and own their power.

With time I’ve come to realize that truly ‘walking in your power’ has nothing to do with owning your power as an outside source. Instead, it recognizes the internal power you possess because of your calling; because of your anointing. Your connection, with God, with the Divine, with the Universe, allows you the power to bless and be a blessing to others. You are a conduit and because you are chosen this power has been bestowed upon you.

That is the power we all walk-in. That is the power we aspire to own.

That power exceeds all power and cannot be taken away. Once you realize and fully accept it, you also know that it does not come from you; it is not your power.

‘Own your power’ means owning your inner knowing, owning your intuition, being one with the Divinity inside. It means knowing your ability to change, heal and bless. It means walking in the absolute Universal power, God power.

Owning your power has nothing to do with finding your power and everything to do with owning the power that’s already there. The power that’s inherently within you. Once you fully accept, own and walk in that power, it shines through. You radiate in who you are and in everything that you do.

You become like the sun. Not everyone likes the sun, but it still shines anyway. It doesn’t care. It doesn’t need permission. Every day, the sun fulfills its purpose.

It’s time for each of us to walk in our power. I’ve made a commitment to myself to work on doing it every day. I challenge you to join me.

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