The Power of No Is My Inner Guide


The first time I took a drink of alcohol coming into my 14th year of life, I became very sick for a few days and the first time I smoked cigarettes, I stayed in the bed for several days. My inner guide shouted throughout every cell and fiber of my being, “This is a NO for you.” With my family history, I was destined some would say to be an addict. And yet, I fed the lion and rebel inside of me because I was too determined to not listen to anyone’s advice. You may think not taking the advice of other people would be admirable yet what I have lived to learn is you always want to listen and take the advice of your inner awareness. 

Spiritually, I suffered greatly for those 15 years because I heard No and kept going. I did everything I could to drink and drink better. I took speed and smoked pot and any supplements I could take to keep my high longer and yet at the end of every day, I still heard no. 

Intuition for humans is like instincts for animals. We have a natural rhythm which guides us with every choice and decision we make. When we do not listen, the pain is so much greater and over time the voice which once shouted becomes faded and dim. Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the more you have it. You become toned and tuned one would say and your inner advice will never let you down. 

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