Open Your Heart and Change Your World

Open Your Heart and Change Your World - Courtney Long

An open heart is the key to a happy and successful life. If you want more love, passion, abundance, and joy in your life, it starts by opening your heart.

Opening your heart leads to deep, meaningful, authentic love with yourself, your partner (if you have one), family, friends, community, and life. When you open your heart, life becomes magical! It helps you feel turned on for life!

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Why Following Your Passion Doesn’t Really Work

Why Following Your Passion Doesn’t Really Work - Mary Morrissey

We’ve all heard the phrase, “follow your passion”. It sounds like wonderful advice.

But when it comes to creating a life you absolutely love, and making your dreams come true…

Following your passion doesn’t work. It won’t make your life better.

The advice sounds good, in theory. You think, “If I follow my passion, it will take me where I want to go.” You believe that following your passion will mean the entire journey will be happy. It’s also advice that you hear all the time. 

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Turning Cranky into Happy

Turning Cranky into Happy

I am not sure if it’s the eclipse energy from last week, or the constantly bad news on TV, or Mercury Retrograde, or what, but I have been feeling a bit cranky lately.


So, I have been digging deep into my spiritual tool-kit.


This morning, I added extra lavender to my bath, while doing rounds of  EFT tapping on “I’m cranky and I totally and completely love myself.”


On the way to the grocery store, I listened to one of my favorite spiritual teachers, which was uplifting, and I spent a long time cuddling on the back deck with my cat Max.

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