Adjusting To The New Normal

Many of us are going through a super level of metamorphosis, trying to adjust to the new normal, that has become a way of life for us now. 

Slowly and steadily as the truth of our existing situation is settling in within us we are silently settling within. It is actually a subtle shift. We are learning to accept now the new normal we are living in. Over the years, the human mind has learned to be malleable in order to succeed. It knows how to adjust to its ever-changing circumstances and environment, so that it could be in a more productive phase constantly. 

Slowly as we assimilate all the new information we have been provided with, we have been working on changing our own belief system, so that we can be at an amicable level of adjustment to the world around us.This is the only way we actually have of being viably productive, as we need to feel comfortable in all levels of functioning in society,  in order to feel like winners. We are winners if we are allowing a channelized flow of our energy in the right direction. 
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Living An Energy Driven Life

energylife Living An Energy Driven Life
It is an inherent law of the mind that we increase whatever we praise, this has even been validated by Charles Fillmore.  I personally do believe that it is true. If we are living in a state of gratitude, then our level of Joy and happiness is definitely on the increase.  

We have many desires and many dreams which we can even call our goals. These are supposed to propel us to a level of happiness, but in order to gain something, we also have to learn to let go of something. For most people this is the most difficult step to understand as they are very attached to their goals. They fear that letting go will make them give up on their goals. Of course this is not true. 
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The Unseen Tension Of Competition

tired-student-picture-id174817068 The Unseen Tension Of Competition
In the competitive world of today, I feel that maximum amount of stress is actually carried by students. They are at the threshold of life and they feel a constant impulse of restlessness within themselves. It seems to begin even before they learn to speak. Parents are silently without a conscious awareness sending it through their vibrational signals to their kids.

Furthermore the environment around seems to enhance it. Everything around us seems to carry this unseen tension of what the future will bring along. There is a level of restlessness in everybody's mannerism. The body language of all people seems to limit this restlessness. Catching the signals and quelling the restlessness is imperative for the well-being of all.

Since exams are a constant in a student's life, their stress is continuous. I just feel the need to talk about how we need to handle this level of stress, which encompasses and impacts participation in classes, performance of tests on the general well being in a students life.
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