Get Busy Being Still

being_still Get Busy Being Still

Get Busy Being Still… and be still while you’re busy.

When you still yourself from the turbulence that the mind creates, you have an opportunity to be present, to be Here.

We have to build a sensation at the protective personality level that knows there is more to the picture. We can dissolve more and more of that protective personality each time we sit and meditate. I recommend that you do some kind of meditation every day. We can then begin to develop some mastery about staying centered, staying in the awareness of the truth and the stillness within.

In the quiet space at the core, while we look out at the world, hear the sounds and see the activities, we can insist that it happens through a filter of okay-ness:

I Am the One. I Am the One who gets to have the various parts of me come together in one synchronized reality…

Part of me wants to meditate.
Part of me thinks I can’t.
Part of me wants to do this creative project. Another part of me doesn’t believe it’s possible.
Part of me wants this.
Part of me wants that…

We can stop that by saying,

I Am the One. I am the One to bring these parts together.

The way that we get to do that is to find the common denominator place where all the “parts” meet. That place is here, in the stillness.

All of those “parts” speak this language. They all beg for this language, because this language–this moment–represents all of “Who I Am.” And every one of those parts is interested in the whole.

This is how we do it, one day at a time. (Maybe twice a day.)  ?

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