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Get In Touch With Nature Get In Touch With Nature

I’m so truly delighted that winter is finally over, and Spring is trying to emerge! To see the spring bulbs pushing their way up and the profusion of spring colors starting to change the landscape from the grey blanket of winter snow to the fresh vibrant colors of Spring.

Every year, I remind myself that when I witness the re-birth of nature, it’s important to stop and tell myself how important it is to reconnect with the divine source and spend some much-needed time with nature. Fortunately for me, I have a little dog who insists I do that every day … but there’s more to connecting with nature than just walking my dog.

It’s essential that you don’t forget that we’re all part of nature, yet regardless of whether you live in the country or the city, it’s easy to lose touch and for nature to become almost alien to your daily routine. Being indoors for all these winter months, it easy to forget nature, but next time it rains, stop and look at the rain drops! Experience the breeze of the warm winds on your face or go and walk bare foot in the new grass, so that you start to reconnect with nature again.


As I firmly believe that we should all live a spiritually enriched life, regardless of our life span on this earth, we should increase our awareness and in doing so, increase the awareness of our higher consciousness. When you do this, it’s strange how you will find those quiet moments to pause and think. These moments help to confirm where you’re going, and hopefully endorse that you’re doing something meaningful with your life, something that will have lasting impact.


As part of reconnecting with nature, what better way than to use meditation. There are many types of meditation on the go, rather than sitting quietly in your personal space. A simple walking meditation can be very beneficial. When you’re out walking, just focus on your breathing, being conscious of your breath. Naturally, as you’re walking it’s more than likely that you will be breathing faster than when you practice your normal meditation, but that’s perfectly fine. As always, observe the inflow and outflow as you walk. Count quietly in your head as you breath in and out ten times, letting all other thoughts slip away.

As you move into the next sequence of breaths, focus on the soles of your feet, from your heel to your toes as you walk. Notice how it feels, the sensations, and how the rhythm permeates throughout your body, as your attention moves up from you calves, knees, thighs, back, chest to your shoulder and arms. AS you feel any tension anywhere in your body, try and let it go, as you move your awareness back down slowly back to your feet.

This is a wonderful healing meditation, and you get to have some exercise too, so it’s a win:win scenario. Enjoy your time in nature.

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