When we talk about health and nourishing our bodies, the conversation usually turns to diet and exercise.

In fact, dieting has almost become a national pastime. Turn on the television or look online and you can’t miss the ads for pills, drinks, classes and even surgical options for those looking to get healthy fast.

Sadly, these very popular “fast track” health options rarely create lasting results.

If you want better health, it may surprise you to know that it doesn’t start with supplements, equipment or most of the products sold online today.

Your best health begins on the inside. 

Every cell in your body acts like a computer. Each cell has an electromagnetic energy field and a biochemical composition that instantly responds to your environment — and to your thoughts.

More than anything else, the body’s response to your conscious and unconscious thoughts determines whether you have good health or disease.

Are you ready for a lifetime of better health? Here are 3 things you can focus on to start improving your health today:


Inner peace is the bedrock upon which the development of a PLATINUM life rests. It’s the state of harmony and balance, tranquility and quiet in which the highest good for all is naturally sought. In this state of serenity, we are free from unsettling thoughts and emotions. This level of peace does more than simply calm your mind. The experience of inner peace:

Are you beginning to get the idea? Inner Peace is the foundation of a healthy life.


If your ego mind is telling you that you are unloveable or aren’t worthy of love then that program will influence your operating code and inevitably attract situations that prove it. You can’t help but sabotage your career, your relationships, and, yes, even your health when you believe you can never experience love. 

Just as the lack of food, water and sleep can bring destruction within your body, so does the lack of love. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, in the US and the UK, London’s Foundling Museum documented the death rates among infants placed in orphanages were, in some cases, close to 100%. 

In the 1940s, psychoanalyst Rene Spitz documented high infant death rates and high percentages of cognitive, behavioural and psychological dysfunction .

Most of the deaths and impairment was not due to starvation or disease, but to severe emotional and sensory deprivation – in other words, a lack of love. These babies were fed and medically treated, but they were deprived of affection and touch.

More recently researchers have found that people who feel alone and unloved are 50% more likely to die prematurely than those with healthy social relationships. This feeling of being unloved and unloveable reduces your immunity, increases inflammation in your body and can contribute significantly to heart disease and other chronic health conditions. 

Stress also affects these people more. Financial trouble, health problems and everyday obstacles take a bigger emotional toll on people who feel unloved and unsupported.

Woah! The quality of your life literally depends on Love!


Whether it’s a simple argument with a friend or a long-held resentment toward a family member, unresolved conflict can affect more than you realize. Anger and lack of forgiveness causes changes to your heart rate, blood pressure and even your immune system.

The good news is that studies have found forgiveness offers huge benefits for your health. It can:

Research points to even more benefits to forgiveness as you age!  

Peace, Love and Forgiveness…

The secret to good health in many instances is simple… but it isn’t always easy.

There is always so much love here for you.

Sandra and Daniel xxx