Have you found the missing Peace?

yoga-in-nature-picture-id1215765474 Have you found the missing Peace?

Anxiety...uncertainty... unease

When you experience these emotions, you are not in the high frequency state of peace.

Those feelings are indicators that you have unconscious programs – beliefs, ideas and stories – that need to be corrected.

Is there some aspect of your life that you’re not at peace with?

Have you ever wondered what’s preventing you from living in the high frequency of peace?

The core low frequency blocker to peace is unforgiveness. 

Until you activate your soul’s superpower of forgiveness you have set yourself up for anxiety and a whole range of diseases and physical and mental challenges. A Harvard study showed that holding a grudge can kill you.

That’s right, the study group who were able to forgive had normal blood pressure, no markers for cancer or heart disease, and were happier and healthier.

It’s time to step into your superpower and forgive…

your programs that have judged you as not being enough and,

other people’s programs that have hurt you.

The key to real forgiveness is to understand you are not forgiving you or another, instead you are forgiving the unconscious programs that are responsible for the pain. 

It’s that simple. It’s often not easy, but it’s definitely simple 

Unforgiveness always undermines peace of mind and thus your ability to live a high frequency PLATINUM life. That’s when you’ve mastered your True Self’s aspects of Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity and MIndfulness. 

Only your True Self is capable of forgiveness, it is the key that opens the door to inner peace and the ability to fully connect with the love that you are.

Big shifts happen when you take radical personal responsibility and forgive!

You step into grace, which is the fullness of God’s love.

Is there someone in your life you haven’t forgiven yet?

Think very carefully. Ask yourself what has caused you to withhold forgiveness?

Remember that as you judge another, your unconscious mind applies those judgments to you!!!

Make the decision to choose the strength and wisdom of the True Self, not the judgment or vindictiveness of the ego mind code.

You will love the results!

To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success

Love Always,

Sandra and Daniel Biskind

PS: Here’s a short video on the keys to forgiveness

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