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How Can Cannabis Promote Mindfulness?

Mindfulness, although an old age concept, has quite become mainstream lately. The University of Massachusetts was the first to introduce a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), ever since mindfulness has been a point of interest for many researchers. Over the years, many pieces of research and anecdotal studies have documented the benefits of mindfulness on our physical and mental health.

While practicing mindfulness techniques is relatively straightforward, it may not be as easy to incorporate as they may seem. It requires you to maintain awareness of the internal and external environment by keeping your thoughts still. For beginners, it may be pretty overwhelming to preserve the stability of feelings and emotions. Hence an external aid like cannabis can be quite beneficial. If you wish to explore how cannabis can help with your mindfulness practice, here is a brief of everything it does for you.

What Makes Cannabis an Ideal Supplement To Power Mindfulness?

Cannabis is not solely meant for recreational purposes. Its utility extends beyond its psychedelic properties. Many pieces of research signify the therapeutic benefits of cannabis which comes from the terpenes, cannabinoids, and minerals in the plant. The two significant cannabinoids in cannabis - CBD and THC have chemical structures similar to the cannabinoids produced in the human body. So when you consume them, they interact with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) body, seamlessly supporting its activities and functions.

CBD is more famous for its relaxing property, while THC can help you attain happy euphoria. Anybody aiming to practice mindfulness can variate the CBD-THC ratio to get desired benefits. You can also check Weed Smart Online Dispensary to find your perfect strain. Irrespective of the strain you choose, adding cannabis to your mindfulness routine has some elementary benefits.

1) Cannabis Can Help You Attain Balance And Focus

Anybody can practice mindfulness from the comfort of their homes. One of the most ideal ways to get started is sitting in a comfortable position with your spine erect and palms facing upward. Gradually you may focus on your breath and let thoughts slide in and out.

The technique does not require much preparation. However, for beginners, it can be a little challenging to maintain focus. That is where cannabis can be helpful. Microdosing cannabis can help you sustain focus. It can work wonders to bring stability and control excess brain excitability. The CBD component in cannabis can help produce particular neurotransmitters, gamma-aminobutyric acid, that helps regulate thoughts. It is why many people report a calming effect after consuming cannabis.

Learners who face difficulty managing the overactivity in the brain can benefit from the use of cannabis. It can tame your wandering mind and help you shift focus to the present and get the most out of your practice.

2) It Can Help You Balance Emotions

Your mind may unruly travel during your practice, reminiscing or thinking about the future. A multitude of emotions may surface as you tread on the journey towards mindfulness. However, these arising emotions can be your biggest foe. To progress with your mindfulness practice, you have to systematically manage and redirect these feelings, sensations, and emotions.

The predominant emotions from past traumas, anxiety, and stress, can trigger as you work your way in the practice. The best part about using cannabis while practicing is that it can help you slow down and allow you to release your stress. A study signifies that cannabis can help you manage stress and be beneficial for managing psychological conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorders. Hence, coping with emotions becomes easy with the help of Cannabis.

3) It Can Help With Your Changing Lifestyle Needs

Mindfulness brings profound changes in your lifestyle; it helps you gradually incorporate good sleeping habits and help you eat mindfully. With consistent practice, you will also train your mind to sense and engage in the present moment. Cannabis can help you take these habits a step further. CBD in cannabis can help balance your shifting sleep cycle and negate daytime grogginess. It does so by interacting with the pineal gland in your brain that supports melatonin production, the sleep hormone.

Mindfulness and cannabis are a perfect match as they both help you relax deeply and allow you to enjoy small moments better. Mindfulness requires you to be concentrated and fixated for hours. With plenty of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, cannabis can keep in check yoga posture flexibility. It can help manage muscle stiffness and discomfort to sustain you extended hours of a session.

The Bottom Line

Despite the rising popularity of cannabis, the masses are still unaware of the benefits and uses of cannabis. However, cannabis and mindfulness is not a new concept. Many ancient practitioners have made fair use of the herb. Combining mindfulness and cannabis is pretty straightforward; you may begin by microdosing cannabis and work your way up to find your perfect dose. A daily practice of mindfulness can change your life, and cannabis can make your training even more fruitful. It can help bring more awareness and offer you bliss. If you want to relax better into a mindful state of awareness, cannabis can be your best pick.

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