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How Does Yoga Help To Feel Yourself And Your Inner Happiness?

namaste How Does Yoga Help To Feel Yourself And Your Inner Happiness?

The word “Yoga” comes with a deeper and more spiritual meaning. It denotes the union of almost all elements of life with the holistic version of this universe. Yoga stretches its boundary beyond the true essence of human existence yet remains a constitutive part of humanity. It is about the physical, emotional, and spiritual actuality of life. The idea and notion of Yoga can only be enjoyed at the deepest layers of your soul. The beauty of the ancient science enters our blood and soul to make us enlivened to the highest level of soulful rejuvenation. It is all about the happiness and prosperity of the planet, according to many ancient yogic texts.

Now is the time to discuss and analyze the ways Yoga helps one feel the real him/her.

Yoga and self-acceptance

Before talking about Yoga’s relationship to the idea of self-acceptance, it is very important to know what the latter actually means. Self-acceptance is about embracing all aspects of our being. It is all but not accepting what we are. In today’s world, it has been noticed that people are running away from what they actually are. They love living in a virtual world, where the negative facet of one’s life is invisible. This is, of course, not what the yogic way of living style is about. While the positives and negatives both are parts of one’s life, it is unfair to ignore the one complete half, according to Yoga.

With the practice of Yoga, one can learn the theories of accepting oneself. The spiritual science is an awesome way to adopt the beauty of self-acceptance, which is an integral part of soulful happiness. It is also not important which Yoga you like or which yogic path you follow. Each and every element of the yogic science is about self-acceptance. It is about falling in love with oneself. In Meditation, you fall in love with your mind, while asanas help you enjoy a deep affection with your body. Karma Yoga shows you the real face of humanity. You can observe any of the yogic facets to feel the inner soul and ultimate blissfulness.

Yoga is a vehicle for self-acceptance and internal transformation. So, it doesn’t matter if you get that via balancing your nose or lying in Savasana. You get to choose what’s helpful for you.”  - Anna Guest- Jelley, Founder of Curvy Yoga

Feel the yogic energy running through the blood vessels

Yoga is a form of energy that runs through the arteries and veins of a human body.

The above sentence is perfectly correct in the context of yogic philosophy. The energy of Yoga is kinetic in nature, like electricity. It keeps running from one part of the body to another. When one is in the zone of Yoga, practicing very seriously, there is a smooth flow of blood taking place in the body. Especially, during Yoga asanas practice, the circulation of blood gets a boost and the whole body feels energized. While performing Yoga poses such as Bakasana, Dhanurasana, Natrajasana, etc. the body enters the zone of high spiritedness. The yogic energy enters the blood vessels and mixes with the blood. Pranayama is yet another way to let you feel the true color of your soul. With constant breathing, the blood starts to warm up and you feel the most amazing face of blissfulness.

You cannot do Yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are Yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state.” - Sharon Gannon

Yoga’s idea of flexibility

The world is a place of divergent conditions. At its one corner, you find pleasant weather, while the scorching heat might be waiting for you on the other. You will always find a mix of cultures, people, and ideologies on this planet. You need to deal with both the negatives as we as the positives. The ancient science of Yoga is all about making one comfortable with different circumstances in life. It stands for the union of almost all aspects of life, all elements of the universe. Yoga is associated with the idea of being flexible when exposed to scarce situations.

Talking about physical flexibility, there is no doubt in the fact that asanas are the best ways to enjoy. There are a number of poses such as Chakrasana, Sarvangasana, Rajakapotasana, etc. that are quite emphasized on the body flexibility, leading you to relish the fragrance of this world in the best way. Yoga prepares you for difficult battles. With Meditation, you enter into the zone of tremendous focus where there is nothing to do but care about yourself. A Yoga practitioner knows how to adopt the pace of this fast-moving world and enjoy every bit of it.

Enjoying spiritual well-being with Yoga

Spirituality is an intrinsic part of human life. It is about experiencing felicity of the highest standard in the vicinity of the creator. Since Yoga and spirituality are closely related to each other, the yogic force can be a fine road leading to blissfulness. One of the best things Yoga does is move one away from the materialistic relationships. Yoga’s spiritual beauty is all about being in the embrace of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. Buddha was of the opinion that attachment is the root of all sufferings. Thus, Yoga discards all forms of affections for worldly players and promotes spiritual alliances. The philosophy of the ancient science

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, humans cannot live without a spiritual life.”  - Gautama Buddha

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