How Powerful Are Your Thoughts?

John Holland on Powerful Thoughts

Do you have any idea how powerful your thoughts are? You’re probably very familiar with the adages: “Your thoughts create your reality” or “You can attract anything you want in your life.” But do you really believe them?

You’re a magnetic energy being, right? So, every thought you have has its own unique energy signature. When you have a conscious thought, it’s immediately lodged in your magnetic field, known as your aura. And when that thought remains in this field for any length of time, more often than not it radiates out to be absorbed into the Universe.

What thoughts have you sent out to the Universe lately? If you’re worried about something that may happen, you’re probably consciously thinking about it, dwelling on it, and even obsessing about it. As a result, you’re sending this stream of fear-based thought out into the Universe. It’s almost like you’re holding up a sign with a giant arrow pointing to your head saying: “Here I am, come to me!” Then these fearful thoughts that you put your precious energy into for no reason usually do land in your lap.

We are such powerful magnetic beings! You’ve heard the saying: “like attracts like”—well, it’s really more about frequency attracting the same frequency. Everything is made up of energy—including you and me. Since we’re energy, it’s highly probable that we’ll tune into and attract the same frequency that we resonate.

If you’re afraid—you’ll attract fear. If you’re kind—you’ll attract kindness. If you’re grateful, you’ll attract prosperity. As you think, you begin to feel. As you feel, you vibrate. And when you vibrate, you start to attract. Ultimately, you’ll attract exactly what you’re resonating.

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How can you attract what you really want? The first thing you need to do is be very conscious of every thought you think. Practice saying positive affirmations, especially when things may look bleak. One of my favorites is: “From this experience only good will come from it – all is well.” Repeat this affirmation the next time you’re sitting in traffic trying not to be late for an appointment, facing a dilemma on your job or trying to resolve a shaky relationship. You’ll be surprised at how these situations can change by the power of a single thought.

When you’re filled with fear, take time to release these negative thoughts and try to turn them around into positive ones. Remember, the Universe is always listening!

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