How to Adapt to a Stressful Situation

burnout How to Adapt to a Stressful Situation
I have always been talking about how to overcome stress. Today I feel I need to say something about adapting to a stressful situation.

We needn't constantly worry about overcoming or avoiding stress.  We need to also address the issue from another angle.  We need to accept the stress and then just comfortably adapt to it. 

Very often we are faced with stressful situations,  which we can understand are here to stay. It could be in terms of:

1. A job you need to keep
2. A relationship you need to stay on with 
It could also be any other situation which you feel cannot changed with immediate effect. You know if you allow the situation to overwhelm you,  it will take you into a level of chronic stress,  which is the cause of various health issues. 
This issue needs to be handled with extreme care.  The comfort in this scenario is that although you do realize that we are facing a huge hurdle momentarily in the present here and now of it,  but there are ways we can use,  in terms of conciously facilitating  techniques to conquer a challenging situation.

Even speeding the process of stress management Is a huge deal. These strategies ultimately can be used for:

1. Facing a new hurdle
2. Dealing with a challenging situation 
3. Speeding up the process of eliminating stress

First and foremost we need to apply the following techniques:


Firstly we need to see the situation ,weigh it for oneself,  is it causing stress.  Is it something,  you are being able to handle at the moment,  or is it something you realize,  which needs to be dealt with,  in a certain way to arrive at a position of mental and emotional comfort. 


The situation which is stressing us is not always in our control but our way of handling it is within our grasp. We can choose the attitude we take.  Your personal attitude towards the situation will determine how well you are handling the stress. 

You have to realize that,  your thoughts and their recurring patterns are a personal choice, and you are personally responsible for it. We get to realize that we have, habitual thinking patterns which are offset by triggers. We time and  again come back to them,  keeping ourselves caught up in a circuit of stress. 

It is your own attitude which will determine how stressful a situation is.  It is also how you view the opinions available to you. 

Sometimes we just keep focusing on the large looming negative proposition in front of us.  We keep wondering how to handle it,  how to get rid of it. These aspects needn't be focused on so intensely.  We can always shift our focus.

View your situations as a challenge,  more than as a threat.  It is when you are dealing with your personal situation with an attitude of ease and comfort, that you are attracting only that level of calm into your life. Do not allow the situation to overwhelm you. Let it befriend you. 
There could be certain aspects to the situation, which you could change.  Changes could be on a large scale or a small scale,  but they must be targeted and permeable. 

Tolerations are those patterns in our lives which we just cope with unnecessarily due to our own inherent lifestyle issues. They are just a part of our more than accepting attitude towards life. Although we don't realize it,  but it adds to our already existing stress. 

This will help to reduce stress.  This aspect needs our constant attention . We must have adequate self care,  exercise,  meditation and a positive attitude happening. 

Plan your lifestyle according to the way you want.  You need to prioritize your life.  This is essential. 
Adapting to stress is a wonderful way of dealing with a stressful situation. When you know it's unavoidable,  you can adapt yourself to it and decide along the way as to how and when you can do it.   Meanwhile just learn to handle it. 
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