How To Be With Your Loved Ones Right Now


Are you missing family and friends? Have you lost loved ones close to your heart?

There is a simple Heartful way to feel connected with everyone I love.

While developing the HARMONY REFRESH, I discovered a profound attribute of hearts to connect with love.

A Harmony Refresh of feeling your heartbeat, being aware of your breath and relaxing into calm are the first three skills of the Seven Skills of Harmony. Click here for more info.

My father passed away over 40 years ago. I still miss him but a few years ago I realized, grief is not about getting over loss, it is honoring the love that is eternally shared in our Source.

It’s easy to think an attachment to the past maintains a connection to love. Longing for someone you love whether in or out of a body comes in two tones of emotion, the agony of loss and the joy of gratitude, both come from love.

I remember the exact moment the anxious connection with my father released and he could return to the Source of being.

Imagine a hand but all you can see are four separate fingers. Our human relationships often seem to be with separate individuals. Imagine separate fingers trying to love one another, desperately clinging like a pinky stretching to love an index finger.

When we expand our view, we can see our fingers are connected to the palm of our hand. It becomes easy to see what appeared as separate beings are actually connected in their Source of one being.

So, instead of focusing on a loss in the past we can connect with the love that is living now. It becomes natural to be with our loved ones when we can meet them in our Source at any time.

Every heart makes a promise.

If you can feel your heartbeat, We are together.
When you feel your heartbeat, I am with you.
When you feel your heartbeat, you are Home in the Source of your Being.

Feeling our heartbeat is a direct connection to everyone we love. Energetically the magnetism of our heart is interwoven in the natural field of all hearts. When we feel our physical heartbeat we are in the Source of our being.

Our heart is able to communicate every emotion beyond time or space.

I feel comforted now that I know I am always with my loved ones. We are always together in our Source and I can go there anytime.

Eternal Love is the nature of our heart. You are never alone.
Your Beloved is holding a promise for you in a song.


I will always answer
You can always call
I will always answer
When you listen in your heart

You can listen to the song “Listen In Your Heart” HERE.

Once you have a song in your heart no one can take it away. It is yours forever.

I welcome your stories, comments, and questions.
Thank you! Will Hale

©2020 Will Hale – Tadpole Parade

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