How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides!


Have you ever wondered if there are spirit guides who are specifically looking out for you in this life? Maybe you’ve heard people talk about their spirit guides and you have an intuitive sense that you might have one (or even some) of your own, but you have no idea how to connect with them. 

Each of us has guides in the spirit world who are looking out for us and guiding us on our path. But like any relationship, if you want to connect with your spirit guides, you have to put in the effort. You have to develop a relationship with them.

Think of it this way – if you never call up your friend, they’re going to think you’re not interested in them! The same goes for your spirit guides. 

But how do you begin to develop a relationship with someone you can’t necessarily see, hear, or interact with in your physical reality? 

That’s what I’m going to share with you today! 

What is a Spirit Guide? 

I like to look at spirit guides as guardians of light. They can take many forms and will be different for each of us, but the purpose of a spirit guide is to protect, guide, and care for us on our path. 

Some people believe spirit guides are people who have crossed over, which may be true, but I believe they are also some form of ascended beings who make the commitment to guide us. 

Whatever their form, your spirit guide is like an active and intimate intermediary between you and the conscious Universe.

If you begin to develop a relationship with your guides, you may be able to directly ask them for messages or protection when you need it. But whether or not you ever make conscious contact, your spirit guides are always there for you – like a guardian angel. 

I believe we’re surrounded by multi-dimensional beings who want us to succeed and evolve both individually and collectively. We’re not alone, even though we may feel separate in our current, physical reality. 

Some people may have a guide they’ve felt or connected with before but won’t know specifically who they are or how to make contact with them. For as long as I can remember, I felt that I had a guide who would show up for me in the form of a very tall angel. I’ve seen them in a startling experience during a meditation ( I wrote about this wild life-altering experience in my first book Remembering The Future) and I’ve felt their presence, but it never occurred to me to ask their name. 

Many years ago, after a friend of mine shared with me that her guides were the ascended masters, I decided I was ready to consciously connect with mine. I knew I

had an angel ( or several)  and now I decided I might connect to another kind of guide, you know, to make it official. One day in meditation, I finally connected with a playful and very present energy that I could feel so close to me it was uncanny. I asked their name and they said their name was Olli. It was actually pretty funny since my friend had insisted she was talking to Buddha, and Jesus and a slew of famous spiritual masters, and I got lil old “Olli”. Still, I was surprised that all I had to do to find out their name was ASK. I heard them clear as a bell. It really can be that simple. Today I have identified 3 or 4 specific guides around me and I have felt their love when I most need it. 

So if you’re ready to begin connecting with your spirit guides, I invite you to try some of these exercises. Remember to keep an open mind and know that your higher consciousness will show you exactly what you’re supposed to see, not what you want to see. 

The form is not as important as the spirit that is present within it. Your guide might show up in the form of a bird, or it might appear to be your grandmother who passed away. You’ll never know until you begin to consciously create a relationship! 

Meditation to meet your spirit guide 

Every meaningful contact I’ve made with spirit guides has always begun in meditation. In this space, you open yourself up to consciously connecting with your guide and finding out who they are. If you’re wondering how to talk to your spirit guide, this is a great place to begin. 

Years after my experience of meeting Olli through meditation, I developed a guided meditation called, “Get On Your Bird.” This is an experience that enables you to move quickly from anxiety and stress to relaxed, detached observation. From this place of peaceful neutrality, you can connect with and meet your Spirit Guide. You can download the meditation for free here…

Although this meditation isn’t designed specifically for connecting with spirit guides, it can be used for this purpose. Your guides want you to tell them how to communicate with you – and this is an opportunity to do just that. 

When you do the meditation, ask your spirit guide to come to you in the form of a bird. That doesn’t mean they ARE a bird, it’s just the form they’re going to take in this exercise. This is a form you can meet and recognize them in. 

Then, once you meet them, ask them what their name is! The first name that comes to you is always significant. Their name is a beautiful indication of what they are here to show you and guide you on. 

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