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How to Cope with Physical Pain

senior-woman-with-cancer-flexing-picture-id1149157781 How to Cope with Physical Pain

No one likes to feel pain, yet chronic pain has become so prevalent in our society, it almost seems to be the norm for many people. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. One in 10 Americans experience pain every day for three months or more with an estimated 1.5 billion people suffering from chronic pain world-wide (National Institutes of Health).

Chronic Pain Is A Blockage of Energy In The Body
When looking at pain through the lens of Energy Medicine, chronic pain is nothing more than a blockage of energy flow. In our most natural state, energy flows freely through our bodies constantly. When it becomes blocked, it begins building up, much in the way water pools when restricted by a dam. It’s this “pool” of energy that creates overstimulation, irritation and inflammation, resulting in pain in our physical bodies.


Pay Attention to Pain
As a culture, we often turn to medication, surgeries or other tactics to help deal with the pain we feel. So often we focus on alleviating the symptoms of the discomfort rather than addressing the original cause of the pain in the first place.

To get the energy moving, we need to get to the root cause, or the initial blockage of energy.

When we do, we allow the body to access its natural self-healing capacity. The body knows what to do to heal chronic pain as well. If it isn’t healing the pain pattern, there is a reason.

The body was designed to heal itself. If you cut yourself, it heals. If you break a bone, it heals.

Hierarchy of Healing
The body heals on a first priority basis, and its first priority is survival. If we experience pain for a prolonged period of time, it’s because there’s a more important issue the body needs to try and heal first.

If you have a chemical imbalance created by stress or improper nutrition, your body will work to remedy the chemical imbalance rather than deal with a less important issue such as back pain or headaches. Unresolved issues can also delay the body in healing itself. If we are currently under a state of stress, or experienced stress from years ago that never really resolved, it can keep our system in a fight or flight mode, which keeps the nervous system from activating its other main mode of function, which is healing.

Whatever the issue, the body won’t heal because it has to deal with what it considers the most important issue first. So chronic, unrelenting pain patterns in the body are caused by the body not prioritizing that issue.

Squeeze. Breathe. Move the pain.
How do we alleviate our pain when the body is focused on other, higher priority issues of healing? We find the area of pain, breathe into it and move it through our body consciously.

  1. Make a connection with the painful area
    So often when we have pain, such as chronic hip or knee pain, we move away from the pain by disconnecting from our body and the area that is hurting. Instead, we need to focus on the painful area and squeeze it. This allows the body and mind to connect with the painful area, and from here, the nervous system can start to evaluate what is happening.
  2. Breathing to dissipate the blocked energy
    Next, breathe through the painful area. The breath will help dissipate some of the energy locked in the area. When doing this, see if you can feel where the energy is flowing and where it’s not. Find where the pain is and squeeze it as you breathe deeply into this place.
  3. How to move the energy through the body
    Finally, as you squeeze into the area that is hurting, imagine breathing that pain up toward your heart. From here, exhale it up and out of the throat, and then as if you were breathing out the top of your head. By doing this, you are moving the energy beyond the painful area and distributing it through your entire body, thereby decreasing the buildup of energy, which is causing the pain and pressure, and ultimately irritation and inflammation in the tissues.
    We can decrease inflammation rapidly in this fashion, if we learn how to breathe this pattern of energy up through the central channel of the body and exhale, releasing it out the top of the head.

Does this actually work?
Someone suffering from chronic pain might think, “So, I’ve been hurting for six months and you’re telling me that I just squeeze this, and breathe a little, it’s going to go away finally?

And the answer is, yes.

If you do this practice with your full concentration – heart, mind and breath – the muscle fibers that have been knotted up will start to stretch open, allowing the energy to start moving. It’s important to keep our concentration on the central channel of the body, as well as the area that is hurting, as we relax and continue breathing through the affected area.

The more you can open and release this area through your breath, the more all of our resources can come together and begin to establish the healing patterns in the nervous system again.

From muscle cramps to cancer
This simple “Squeeze – Breathe – Move the energy” technique can work with any level of pain including muscle cramps, slipped disks and even cancer.

Muscle Cramps
When muscles are contracted for a prolonged period of time, lactic acid begins to build in the tissues causing pain, cramping and soreness. When we squeeze the tissues and breathe into them the way it is described above (similar to a massage in the body), the breath begins to break up the lactic acid deposits and starts to mobilize the chemistry in the body once again.

Bulging Disk
When you knock a vertebrae out of position, which pinches a nerve or causes a disc to bulge and press on the nerves, this too is a result of an imbalance in the flow of energy through the system. When this happens, go inward toward the pain, squeeze it and breathe upward through the central channel. Your body will begin to reestablish its natural system that would have been healing that situation all along.

Cancer and Chronic Disease
The physical pain of chronic degenerative diseases such as cancers, arthritis, heart conditions and other circulatory issues, are all improved and enhance by getting the body’s energy moving through the breath work again. As that breath begins to happen though the body, chemistry changes in the body, and alkalizing chemicals are then more prevalent, which decreases the irritation and inflammation that come with so many chronic degenerative diseases.

Easing the Pain of Recovery
Someone who’s just gone through open heart surgery or going through chemotherapy can use the same techniques between their sessions and after their surgery to help alleviate pain and facilitate a faster recovery period. The “Squeeze – Breathe – Move the energy” technique also works to flush the system and get energy and vital life force moving through the body again. In between chemotherapy sessions, an individual might experience extreme nausea and other discomforts. When they focus on the painful area squeeze it with a gentle squeeze, as if you’re hugging yourself, then breathe up and down the central channel of the spine, allows the system to distribute this energy more profoundly and holistically throughout the whole system, thereby eliciting the healing response even faster.

Not Only Heals, but Strengthens
The above technique can not only help alleviate the pain and get the energy moving again, but can also be used to strengthen the affected area. In pregnancy, for example, when a woman reaches her third trimester, she often has extraordinary back pain that comes with carrying the extra weight of the child. By flexing the low back just enough to take the strain off and squeezing that area, rolling your attention up the spine while you breath, allows you to build new circuitry and communication of the electromagnetic energy flow in the body. This technique distributes that strain throughout the whole body and allows it to be dissolved.

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