How to Manifest Money and Begin Building Wealth

How to Manifest Money and Begin Building Wealth - Julie Murphy

Money manifestation works in exactly the same way as manifesting anything else you desire in your life. You have to be specific, intentional and then it’s finding a gentle dance between taking the necessary actions to support your intention, and trusting the timing of how things are meant to play out. 

If you’re asking yourself how to manifest money, I’m going to offer you some tips that will make manifesting money seem less like a formula and more a way of life!

The power of money manifestation affirmations

Affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool and are a core way of rewiring our thoughts, beliefs, how we view ourselves and the outcomes in our lives. They can be used to improve our money, health and relationships and are like nourishing food for the soul! When you’re looking to implement affirmations into your life however, you have to make sure that they’re not
so far away from your reality that your brain won’t believe them! Your logical left-brain still has to be on board. 

Here are some examples of money manifestation affirmations that will help to shift your perspective from one of lack to one of possibility and abundance:

- My financial past doesn’t determine my financial future

- I am worthy of a good life!

- I am strong, capable and committed to financial freedom

- I have options and choices

- I trust myself fully

When you use your affirmations, you can either say them in the mirror to yourself or perhaps even more powerful is to write them down. The act of writing things out makes it real and helps to solidify your affirmation in your mind, rewiring those old negative thoughts and tapping into your
inner strength

Come from a place of neutrality

When a client asks me how to manifest money, so many view their finances from a place of fear. I see this on all levels - with people who have millions, those who are in debt and every situation in between. Regardless of where you are, manifesting money is about coming from a place of
neutrality about your money or financial past, rather than being reactive. Whilst it’s easy to seek out quick-fixes or the first option that comes along, if these aren’t aligned with your true heart desires, your finances will suffer as a consequence - along with other parts of your life. 

Choose to use this point of pivot to be empowered rather than fearful. Shift your financial energy. What is your ‘why’ behind the financial products you use such as a mortgage? Are you automatically defaulting into a life that you might not love? When you choose to live life from a place of desire, excitement, happiness and joy, this is when the manifestation really ignites!

Let’s continue on the example of a mortgage. At what age do you no longer want to be paying off that debt? Whilst the banks have their own timeframe (typically 15 or 30 years) who is to say that aligns with your timeline? So how do you reduce your expenses to pay off that mortgage at a time that works with
your desires? 

The question you can ask yourself is how to redesign your life now so that you’re building a happier future on your terms? When you’re choosing a mortgage payment, decide when you no longer want to have a mortgage payment and structure your life and expenses accordingly. You are at the forefront of your decision making financially. You can’t change what you chose before but you
can change what you choose today! Make the next best choice with the information you have available.


Be intentional 

If you’re asking how to manifest money, you also need to consider how intentional you’re being behind your financial choices and what you’re spending, saving and if it’s an option, investing. For example, I see so many people buying life insurance or taking out mortgages with no real or soul aligned ‘why’ behind it. Whilst there is nothing wrong with either of these financial choices, manifesting money comes with being extremely intentional about why you’re choosing them and how or why you want them to feature in your future. 

My YouTube channel is full of advice and information on how to set financial intentions, so
I encourage you to head there and take a look. 

Trust yourself and your own timing

We are the creators of our life but many of us don’t embody that and live by default or in reactive mode because we don’t trust ourselves. This is why tools such as money manifestation affirmations, meditation and even basic practises such as taking care of our health all play into stepping out of autopilot and tapping into our inner knowing. 

Manifestation is about being aware - aware of the synchronicities to life. Do you trust when the things you actually asked for show up? Whilst you might do the work on deciding to dream the dream, to write down your goals and priorities, what happens when what you desire
does show up? You might see it, but then the monkey mind creeps in and you negotiate yourself away. Again, this is something I see so often and a challenge I even contend with in my own life from time to time!

Or, when we shift into any state of expansion - for example leaving a job or career, we tend to lead with the energy of the mind, which is where we want to push and grab the option that looks best financially. To put the power of manifestation to work, we have to start with our heart and
then add the intellectual, logical part of our mind. If we’re not using our hearts first about the next step in our career, our core desires get left behind and we make decisions that might not be fully aligned with what we want. Even if the financials look great, if your heart isn’t in it, your money and happiness will suffer in the long-run.

The goal is to truly embody what I call real wealth. A profound sense of doing what you love every day and doing what you came into this life to do! When we trust our own knowing - particularly when it comes to our finances, we become huge manifestors! No matter how much money you have, you can still live a life of entrapment if you don’t trust and follow your intuition. So, learn to build that muscle of trusting your own timing. After all, anything that is meant for you, is not going to miss you.

In her new book, Awaken Your Wealth, Julie explores behavioral finance and tells how she developed PACT™ from her own personal experiences. She explains her easy to understand four-step PACT™ process that can help you clear out unwanted money habits and chart a course toward a future you desire.


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