How To Shift Your Karma and Get Into Flow


We all go through difficult times, when things don’t seem to work out.

It’s easy to lose hope and feel like you are facing bad karma or luck during these moments.

Your karma is the result of the sum total of your actions. For every cause there is an effect.

If you are going through tough times right now, remember that it is only a season, and no season lasts forever. Even your most difficult time will pass.


Your challenges are gifts in disguise sent by the universe to strengthen your character. Your dreams chose you for a reason. And your dream will take you on a journey of having to become the person who is capable of fulfilling the vision.

It’s often when things are challenging that we grow the most. So trust that you wouldn’t be going through the difficult situation if you weren’t ready or capable of handling it.

In these times you can either feel like a victim or you can take the first step and take full responsibility for your situation.

Rather than asking “Why ME?”

Ask “WHY am I going through this experience and WHAT is my soul seeking to learn?”

Recognize that you are not a victim.

Your current situation is simply the product of the total combined actions, thoughts, feelings and intentions of your past. Everything you have lived up until now has contributed to where you are. So it’s no accident.

What you sow you will reap. You cannot cheat life.

Whilst you cannot change what has happened in the past, you can choose what you do in this moment. And the actions you take in this moment will determine your future.

Here are some simple steps to shift your “karma”:

  1. Take full responsibility for your situation.
  2. Feel the impact of your actions in your life and those around you.
  3. Communicate and apologize as needed to yourself or others.
  4. Forgive yourself, and if necessary, forgive others involved.
  5. Make amends by taking specific actions to rectify the situation in the real world.
  6. Let go and surrender to the universe.

Life is too short to stay stuck in a rut or old patterns.

The quicker you take responsibility, the quicker you are able to shift the energy in your life and get back into the flow.

Just because you made your bed a certain way doesn’t mean you have to lie in it.

You hold the lock and you hold the key.

You are powerful.

Own it.



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