How To Spiritually Surf These Crazy Times

woman-meditating-in-the-nature-in-a-flower-field-with-closed-eyes-picture-id1161250308 How To Spiritually Surf These Crazy Times

I hope you are safe and staying healthy as we all deal with this life changing time we are in. Brian and I are isolating ourselves at home, we’ve stocked up on lots of Amy’s canned organic soup (which I hope tastes good as I’ve never eaten it before), and we are checking in with friends and family by phone, Facebook and Skype.

For the past few days I have been blessed to have the time to listen and read a variety of meditations and blogs that have been comforting and calming.

I have found that my best strategy right now is to stay in the present moment as much as possible and to not let my monkey mind get caught up in “what if” scenarios. Below are links to three free resources that I have found helpful:

Dr. Barbara DeAngelis has a free, special audio with a healing meditation that will help you learn how to “stock up” on love and wisdom.

She offers practical steps you can take to understand and shift your relationship to fear, and navigate more gracefully and steadily in the uncertain weeks and months ahead.

> Listen here <<

Esther Hicks/Abraham has a recording on YouTube that I found to be a very good reminder on Law of Attraction as it relates to healing and wellness. FYI, the title of it is misleading as it says it is regarding Corona virus (which it never mentions) however, that doesn’t invalidate the usefulness of the message.

If you find you are experiencing fear-based thoughts, this will help you shift your thinking and raise your vibration.

> Listen here <<

Bill Bennett has posted a great blog on Facing Fear that explains that here are two types of fear – real fear and imagined fear. He says real fear is survival based fear, and it inhabits the body. Imagined fear is illusory based fear, and it inhabits the mind.

Our bodies can’t distinguish between real fear and imagined fear. One of the reasons there’s so much sickness and ill health in our society is because we live too much in imagined fear and the chemical secretions that result damage our biological systems.

He encourages us to handling this time with calm, with dignity, with compassion and generosity of spirit, with a love and deep respect for every human being on this planet – and with grace.

>> Read it here <<

If you come across any resources that are helpful, please pass them along to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wishing you love, laughter and magical kisses,

p.s. My mantra right now is: This too shall pass.

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