How To Start Your Spiritual Journey


If you’re looking for more meaning, purpose, depth, or guidance in your life, you may find yourself wondering – how does one start their spiritual journey? 

In our Western Culture, the path to personal spiritual awakening isn’t something that’s been supported as an essential part of our daily lives. But at some point, something may happen that creates a call from the inside → out. A desire to explore the unseen forces of life. The deep questioning that comes with this call can go like this: “There must be more than this, why am I here, where is the truth?”

Often, this call comes from hitting some kind of bottom. This will look different for everyone. It’s like an elevator, it stops at every floor. 

For one person, their bottom may come when they realize they have everything they thought they wanted and it still feels like something is missing. And for someone else, it will come when they have truly hit rock bottom and they have nowhere else to turn.

We’re living in a world that is so chaotic and uncertain, driven by a real collective soul sickness, that has many of us crave something deeper. 

So when someone asks me for a beginner’s guide to spirituality, the first thing I tell them about how to start a spiritual journey is that they just have to start. They simply have to decide to take the leap and begin. 

A Spiritual Spring Cleaning

This starting doesn’t have a specific roadmap – each of our journeys will be unique. But if you’re looking for a practical way to dive in, it starts with taking inventory. 

This means looking at your life with rigorous honesty. 

Ask yourself: 

What is missing in my life? 

Am I thinking for myself or am I on automatic pilot?

Am I treating myself and others as sacred beings? 

Where am I investing my time + money? 

What is my higher power, and do I have a relationship with that power greater than me that I can count on?

What is my contribution and purpose in this life? 

This process is like a spiritual spring cleaning. 

When you start to look at your life through this lens, chances are you’ll notice some things you don’t like. Some things you aren’t proud of. Some areas that feel empty, like something is missing. Simply by taking note of those things, you’ll begin to shift. 

Releasing the burdens of the past 

As you take inventory of your life, you must be willing to love yourself in your “flawsomeness.” To choose to believe that when you were born, the Universe had a brilliant idea, and that idea was YOU, and it was perfect. 

If you want to know what spirituality for beginners really looks like, it’s knowing that you will see things you want to change about yourself and your life and you can do so, but first you have to accept and forgive yourself exactly as you are. 

For me, this meant trusting that God didn’t make junk. That I was worthy. And knowing that this process and this journey takes time. 

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