How To Stop Being A Love Addict


No matter how much love you get from others it will never be enough if you aren’t loving yourself.

Seeking love, validation, approval outside of yourself is a recipe for misery.

You are a love addict when you NEED the love, approval of those in your life in order to feel ok. When your sense of self worth is dependent on other’s loving you, you end up needing other people’s love like a drug.

When you think that you are lacking something inside or that you aren’t whole and complete, you end up seeking it outside thinking that person will somehow complete you.

This creates dependency since you have made the other person responsible for your sense of freedom and inner security. You will never feel free living this way.

The love you get outside yourself temporarily fulfills that unmet need deep within you. But ultimately it isn’t lasting. The more you need the love from outside, the less free you are to authentically be yourself.

A million likes on Facebook will never be enough if you don’t like yourself.

The whole world thinking you are amazing will never be enough if you don’t appreciate yourself.

So what do you love about yourself?

It’s easy to focus on what’s not perfect and what you don’t like about you. But that serves nothing.

Stop waiting to love yourself until you are “perfect”.

Start focusing on what you do love about you right now, and then what you love about you will expand.

Focus on what is right about you rather than what is wrong.

The more you love yourself, the stronger you become within, and the less you will need love from people outside. Then it’s easier to NOT betray yourself, and instead, make honoring choices for yourself. Either you give love to yourself in a healthy way, or you will seek it outside in unhealthy ways that cause you pain.

As you do this, the fear of abandonment and patterns of self betrayal falls away because no matter what, you have YOU!

You are then never alone.

Commit to you.

Reassure yourself.

Love yourself.

Be your own best friend.

Loving yourself is a choice. It’s the power that you have.

When you love yourself, you set yourself FREE.

Real freedom is an inside job.



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