How to Transition Your Emotional Triggers

its-always-stressful-when-critical-matters-are-beyond-your-control-picture-id1126641739 How to Transition Your Emotional Triggers

While still very much an extrovert, I’m an observer by nature, and recently I have been watching the emotional triggers I see happening around me. I get that not one ounce of what’s happening right now is fun or funny, but here’s what’s important: we have to start moving into a place of empowerment despite the circumstances.

We can do this by continuing to dig in and find what is healing and nurturing to ourselves. Understanding your emotional triggers are hugely important if you want to live a life of alignment and real wealth.

Understanding Emotional Triggers

I wrote my first book, The Emotion Behind Money, because I was noticing that the things happening around money really had nothing to do with money itself. It had way more to do with the emotions behind our money. This massive discovery became part of my message, ultimately leading me down this rabbit hole now 15 years later where I have really started to pay attention to the emotional side of money… and people’s emotional triggers.

Emotions are incredibly important. Have you ever stopped to wonder what causes you to respond and react in a certain way? As I observe, I see that the way we respond and react to the world today has a lot to do with what is coming in and towards us on an emotion level. Meaning, we react differently emotionally depending on what’s thrown at us.

Modern research explains why.

Why Do Emotional Triggers Happen

When I was talking with someone who is very near and dear to my heart over the weekend, he reminded me of something: Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, explained that it has been scientifically proven that 97 percent of our response to the external world comes from our subconscious mind and not our conscious mind.

When we are emotionally triggered, we have to understand, in most instances, this comes from our subconscious mind. It comes from our memory, which lives at the back of our heads. It doesn’t come from our present or by living in the moment, which is all processed in the frontal portion of our brain. It comes from the back of our brain and is a completely different part of our nervous system.

Think of it like this: we have two operating systems in our minds. One is the conscious mind. If we consciously knew how to respond in every situation, we’d respond in a better way (usually). But then we have the subconscious mind, which relies on past occurances, memory, trauma, and reaction to find a safe response to external events. We use both, flipping back and forth between the two to find responses, but 97 percent of the time we’re operating under our subconscious system.

Remember, this system is in the back of our mind, with our memory that triggers the heck out of us, and leads to emotional responses based in anger, impatience, fear, etc.

How do we fix this?

Healing Emotional Triggers

Firstly, I’ve noticed that we need to hold safe space for other people’s triggers, especially right now. It’s a hard time and it can be difficult to understand exactly how and when you’re being triggered, or by what. So be kind.

If you’re being triggered, I encourage you to review research from a teacher of mine: Rita Hickman. I’ve worked with Rita for years and I’ve included her resource here to help you. These traumas we’ve had in our childhoods and our experiential past are stuck in our brains, in our amygdala, but if we’re going to heal from our past then we’ve got to permanently shift our physiological response. This is literally a chemical shift that happens in our brains and there are many exercises you can do to help accomplish this, but it’s so important that you do so if you want to have healthier subconscious reactions.

This is the gold nugget I want you to grab today: to heal our emotional triggers, we have to heal our subconscious mind.

Final Thoughts

We have to remember that we are the creators of our lives. If we desire to create something new, we have to physiologically change the way our brain and our subconscious mind respond to the world. When you are trying to heal your emotions around relationships, work, your kids, or your money, you have to change your subconscious mind. There is no other way around it or you’re going to keep that suffering cycle going around and around.

It’s time to step out of these suffering cycles and step in love. This really starts in a place of self-love and self-care. 

Contact mestop by my Facebook lives, or check out my other resources for help. It’s time for us to move out of fear, move out of emotional triggers, stop responding from a subconscious mind, and heal.

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