If Cardinals Appear, Your Loved Ones in Heaven Are Near!

If Cardinals Appear, Your Loved Ones in Heaven Are Near! - John Holland

We’re all looking for signs from our loved ones who passed, aren’t we? We just need a little reassurance, hope or maybe even some personal relief that they’re in a better place and doing well. As a medium, I can assure everyone that our loved ones on the Other-Side really are okay and they’re already looking out for us. But sometimes we need a specific message for validation.

Please remember this: Your loved ones on the Other-Side send you messages all the time—all you have to do is to be open to receive them. They use all kinds of signs or symbols that can come through in any shape or form.

Through my decades of doing lectures and readings, and working with many clients and audiences, I’ve noticed that one of the top signs that our loved ones use to send us messages are—birds.

Have you ever noticed when you’re praying or thinking about someone in particular on the Other-Side, that birds seem to appear? Usually when you see a bird, it reinforces your belief that your loved ones made it to the Other-Side and they’re doing okay. It’s also a sign that these loved ones can see you and are still connected with you in your heart and soul.

I’ve heard many stories about people seeing a variety of birds—hummingbirds, bluebirds and particularly cardinals. You’ve probably heard the familiar saying: “If cardinals appear, your loved ones in heaven are near.”

Cardinals have quite a history as a spiritual totem and symbol in many cultures and religions. Native Americans have revered cardinals for years and associate their appearance with good luck. Some tribes also believe that these birds symbolize strong relationships as well as a spiritual connection with ancestors.  

In Christianity, the red cardinal is considered a spiritual messenger from God. It is said that they often appear during times of stress and despair and are considered symbols of hope, everlasting life, persistence and vitality. In Greek mythology, cardinals symbolize energy and rebirth.

Even the word cardinal hints at a connection between this world and the next. Cardinal in Latin is “cardo,” which means a “hinge on a door.” This certainly signifies that a cardinal can be the hinge or bond between you and your loved ones on the Other-Side.


Be aware of any birds that may show up for you this month. It doesn’t have to be only cardinals, it could be hummingbirds, blue jays, blackbirds, hawks, owls—you name it. Notice if this bird appears after you were sharing a memory of a loved one or thinking about someone who passed. Remember, all birds are considered spirit messengers. And one of them may be carrying a message from someone you know on the Other-Side!

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