Is Anyone Really Listening to Your Prayers?


When Covid-19 first started, we all jumped into panic-mode praying—pleading for help and protection to get through this challenging time. Now as almost a year has flown by, sometimes it seems that nothing much has changed. There’s still turmoil and fear and more hard work ahead. Even the prospect of a vaccine is taking so long. Is anyone really listening to our prayers?

I can tell you a definite YES! But you won’t get anywhere just sitting around and waiting for an answer.

Think back on the times when your prayers might have been answered. Then begin noticing how your prayers are being heard. Has a new book been gifted to you that somehow revealed a solution you were praying for? Has a complete stranger recently come into your life and given you much needed guidance? Did you drive by a sign or billboard that offered the exact advice you were seeking?

God moves in mysterious ways. So, it’s best to simply pray and not expect the answer to show up the way you think it should. Remember what your grandmother preached: “You don’t always get what you want; you usually get what you need.”

Here’s the funniest story about prayer: A man heard that a severe storm was heading to his village. He had strong faith in God and prayed: “Have no worry, God will provide.” The storm brought torrential rains that began flooding the village and his house, but still the man said: “Don’t worry, God will provide.”

Neighbors offered to help carry the man’s belongings to safer ground. He waved at them kindly, saying: “God will provide.” The next day rescue workers drove a small boat near the man’s house and called out to him: “The village is being evacuated. We’ll get you to a safer place.” The man refused again: “No worries, God will provide.”

As the water covered almost his entire house, the man climbed on the roof. Soon, a helicopter flew by and the pilot called out: “I’ll send down the lift so we can take you to safety.” The man, of course, yelled back, “No thank you, sir. God will provide!”

When the water reached the roof, the man was left sitting on the chimney. He started crying out to God. “What’s going on? I prayed and prayed and prayed to you. Why have you forgotten me?” At that exact moment, a booming voice answered: “Forgotten you? Who do you think sent the townspeople, the men in the boat, and the helicopter?!”

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                                

Prayer is a lot more than just asking for something in return. It’s a time when you can truly connect with God, your Source and your soul. Prayer is a conversation between you and the Source that loves you unconditionally. It’s a dialogue that can calm your fears, comfort your worries and heal your pain.

As you practice the art of praying (in whatever manner you feel is right for you), you’ll feel a new sense of inner-confidence, knowing that your prayers are being heard.

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