Is the Movie of Your Life a Blockbuster Hit?


This approach to life…it might not be a regular conversation at your family dinner table…

The view I’m referring to is, what you experience is what you want to experience, because you live inside of a movie You create.

You are a Creator. You write and produce your movie, the one that you call life. You cast yourself in the starring role. You agreed to the supporting cast in your movie, too.

You’re here, in this movie, waking yourself up to a version of you that you did not know existed. Perhaps a version of You you did not know was possible.

We project the movie we’ve written onto a movie screen. Instead of sitting down to watch the movie from our theater seat, we forget it’s a movie and get caught up in the story.

We, in our “splatted” state, step into the movie and think it’s real life. We think our experiences are happening to us. We forget that things are happening for us. We think other people are doing things that are hard for us to deal with.

You need to realize—to remember—your experience is based on the script you’ve written. This is your movie. Your creation. Your experience.

I write more about “creating your movie” in what I call, The Bus Stop Conversation, in my book, The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life. We each sign up for the part we’re willing to play in our own and in each other’s movie. As we start living life here, we forget those “agreements” because this movie we call life feels so real.

Our job is to remember it’s all in our favor. The people in our lives are speaking the lines we wrote for them…the lines we asked them to speak. They might adlib on occasion, but generally, they’re speaking their “assigned” lines. They are here for us 100% in the perfect supporting role, so that we get to do what we’re here to do.

A key is for you to realize those “actors” in your life are here to show you, without exception, that you can lead with love.

Even if circumstances “don’t look like” you think they should or “turn out” how you imaged, they are always for your highest good. As you recognize, “I’m projecting this movie onto the screen so that I can come to know myself better,” you step into the creator’s role and your life starts to shift.

It’s important to remember that you can lean into and lead with love while you’re in whatever circumstances arise. Then you can glean everything in a supportive way. You find your authenticity and how to speak into what you really want to say from a place of listening. From a place of love.

You are guided by everything that is happening in life through your movie.

Yet we often step around that guidance because we’re not putting all the pieces together and we get a….

  • Knot in our stomach
  • Headache
  • Pain in our back
  • Lump in our throat
  • Tightness in our chest

When we’re experiencing a wobble, it’s important to have the faith that all circumstances are here in our favor so that we can hear the guidance and receive the support.

This happens when we…

  • Keep our feet grounded (in chakra 10)
  • Stay anchored in the body (with the four anchor points)
  • Breath in the Central Channel (deep in the belly)

As we stay here in the conversation, what needs to be said or heard happens.

When you know you’re responsible for your experience in life, you also can do something about it. You can rewrite the script.

That is what occurs when you embrace living from the Front Side of the Model which is a way to masterfully manage your life. It’s a way for you to live intentionally in a systematic way as the Creator of your life experience. It’s where we take full responsibility for our movie, not in a shame-filled way that’s negative, but rather, in an open-ended way.

Most of us don’t jump into taking responsibility for creating our life with great enthusiasm because we think, “If I knew how to create the life I desired, I’d already be living it. I’d have a different life, so it must not be true.”

We try it, and when we can’t figure it out, we get frustrated. This throws us back onto the Back Side of the Model where we continue to feel victimized by life’s circumstances.

Rather, if you look closer into what’s actually being delivered you see, whatever your life circumstances, growth can happen right inside those very circumstances. The ones you thought you needed to leave in order for life to work in your favor. In order for you to continue to grow.

The invitation is, from where you are right now, can you allow life to…

  • Be supportive?
  • Be flowing?
  • Be an interactive process providing what’s next so that you evolve?
  • Be trusted so that you know what is happening is supportive?

One of the most important things you can do is have a trusted relationship with the universe.

This trusted relationship starts to happen when we remember, as we go to the movies, that it’s a good movie. Because in the moment of recognizing that it’s actually a good movie, we realize there’s something here for us. There’s a deeper meaning and message in the movie than you thought.

You are projecting the movie onto the screen so that you come to know yourself better. If life isn’t unfolding in the way you desire, maybe it’s time to make a decision about something you’ve been avoiding. Perhaps it’s time to hear what someone is saying to you about something you’ve been fighting or defending against all your life.

As you realize this movie you call life isn’t so real, you open to the possibility that, “It’s in my favor.” Even the parts of it you’ve been avoiding or resisting.

Then it’s easier for you to lead into those uncomfortable circumstances, with love. Because you’re more powerful than you realize and you can transform those situations.

Maybe it’s time for you to feel and experience yourself so that you live out loud in a new way. Perhaps it’s your moment to live and lead with love so that you develop a trusted relationship with the universe.

When you go to the movies, it’s important to realize you’re going to the movies. The movie isn’t real. We’re going into the movie house, buying our ticket and popcorn, then sitting down to watch a movie. That’s exactly what’s happening in your life. You’re in a movie…it’s a 3D participatory movie, and you’re in it.

We need to remember we’re in the movie, even as we’re it. As you remind yourself that everything is in support of you, you’re able to listen for the cues. The ones to show you how to find your authenticity or how to speak into what you really want to say.

As you lean in and you receive these deeper messages you…

  • Evolve and grow
  • Feel yourself in an amazing reality
  • Have a great appreciation for your life
  • Experience the perfection of life
  • See how life unfolds in an amazing way

When we have a trusted relationship with the universe, we have a trusted relationship with the way all things go.

You’re here as Creator to continue to write and update your movie script. If you need to make a decision or if life isn’t looking how you’d like it to look, ask yourself, “Is this what I truly want?”

Because, in that moment, as you lean in and answer the question, you are creating your life. I have found when I’m trying to make something work, and it’s not working, there is not a vibrational match.

You can start to shift that alignment when you say to the universe, here’s the deal…

  • “Here’s who I am…”
  • “Here’s what I choose…”
  • “Here’s what I’m asking for in my life…”

Then you’ve tuned your vibrational dial and the universe starts to create an alignment.

Sometimes it means we choose to walk away from this, or we opt to not participate in that. We get afraid that things are going to change or that something’s going to be different if we do that. But what happens is, you become a vibrational match for what you desire.

The universe, because you’ve stated an alignment and tuned to a vibrational radio station that is true for you, has no choice. It can only show up to support exactly what you’re claiming, verbally and vibrationally.

Sometimes, the byproduct of your stated alignment is something goes away. You might find yourself heading in a new direction that isn’t what you anticipated. If that happens, it’s because that is exactly how the universe delivers your true and authentic path.

When you have a trusted relationship with the universe, your life starts to unfold in exactly the way your life is supposed to unfold.

As Dr. Sue says, the Energy Codes enable you to “build a set of circuitry so you can live from deep, intuitive space, always guiding your life from a higher vibrational frequency.” If you’re ready to take full ownership of the energy that you ARE…

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