Is This a Sign from Your Soul?

Is This a Sign from Your Soul? - John Holland

Have you heard the same saying or phrase from several different people in one day? Do the same numbers keep showing up over and over again during your daily routine? Did someone happen to mention the same person you were just thinking about.

You may chalk all this up as just coincidences, but these are clear signs that your soul is knocking at your door! Sometimes it could be a soft tap or for those times when you’re not really paying attention, it could be a much louder bang!

Your soul often uses synchronicity as a method of communicating with you, so don’t pass these off as just coincidences. When you do get these clear signs, remember to pause, be open and pay attention to what your soul is trying to tell you.

I once heard a story about a man who was struggling on whether to change his career. He’d been offered a new job but wasn’t sure if he wanted to leave the security of his existing position where he’d worked for years. The decision was really stressing him out to a point where he was doubting himself and his talents.

One day while this man was driving to work, he decided to look within for the answer. He asked himself the questions that had been churning in his mind: Should I take this new job? Am I doing the right thing by leaving my secure position? Will I be happy at a new company?

At that precise moment, he looked up and saw a bus drive by. As it passed, the giant billboard advertisement on the side of bus was a Nike slogan: “Just Do It!”

These synchronistic events are the inner workings of your soul showing up when you need them most!

Synchronicities act as signposts or mile markers, guiding and directing you, or even helping to align your personal growth. Take notice when you’re being sent such signs, signals, people, patterns, numbers, symbols, books, phrases, articles or whatever manifestation appears. These special gifts help direct you on your path toward your goals and also help you to follow your soul’s guidance. All you have to do is ask and be watchful.

When your soul knocks, make sure you’re ready to answer the door!

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                                                

Here are six tips to help you listen more closely to your soul’s messages:

  1. Pay attention to all coincidences.
  2. Look for signs when you run into people unexpectedly.
  3. If you have a problem, let it go and let your soul step in to help.
  4. Ask your soul directly for answers and act on them immediately.
  5. Become even more aware by recording these events in your journal.
  6. Believe that these Divine nudges are real!

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Live a Soul-filled life!

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"Your soul is constantly sending you messages of healing and guidance in the form of signs and symbols. 
Once you learn to recognize these messages, and act on them ... a whole new world will open up for you!" 

JOHN HOLLAND - Spiritual Teacher & Psychic Medium 

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