It’s Pruning Time!

prunning It’s Pruning Time!

Our minds and lives are just like a garden. A good gardener understands that pruning is vital to the overall health and vitality of the garden and must be done on a regular and consistent basis. When you prune the weeds or old unproductive soil, it gives room for your flowers to flourish.

As we spiritually mature, we must be willing to prune old habits, old ideas of who we think we are or were, and any weeds or outdated information that no longer serve the new idea or the emerging version of ourselves. Each breath presents a new possibility.

There is a Divine Intelligence in nature that cannot be denied. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I am often in awe of the trees and now they simply release their leaves. There’s no effort or unwillingness to surrender. You know I strive to be like the tree.

But I have to tell you sometimes when Spirit is shifting me into a new season and things are falling away, I have a need to grab on tighter. I remember when I first started seminary school and my life was shifting, the harder I tried to hold on, the harder it became to hold on. Anybody every experience that. My job sucked, my boss really sucked, and I was behind in school work. My spiritual mother Rev. Alberta Ware looked at me and said what’s up and in that moment, I cried, you know that I’m sick and tired or being Sick and Tired. She said, “What if you let go.” Now, I often think if I let go all hell is going to break out.

So, how do you have a successful pruning season and create new experiences and allow some things to naturally fall away?

Use these four keys of Discover, Acknowledge, Release, And Believe.

Discover: Be willing to be an explorer. Ask yourself in what area do I need to prune in order to grow. It might be your finances, or it might be in your body temple, or it might be in your house.

Acknowledge: Be a neutral observer and acknowledge the area. It is so important that you don’t put any emotions or feeling behind the acknowledgement. This will help you honor the process of discovery.

Release: Be willing to let it go. Maybe you practice forgiveness in this step. Maybe it’s a spiritual mind treatment. Maybe it’s a burning bowl. Whatever process you need to do to DO IT!

Finally, believe in yourself. Put in persistent effort. Be willing to increase your spiritual knowledge and application of spiritual principles. There’s a bible scripture which I have been working with in John 3:30…He must become greater; I must become less. Less of me God and more of you. Less of my fears, doubts, and more of your faith. Less of limitation and more of abundance. Greater joy and less uneasiness. He must increase and I must decrease. It’s pruning time.

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