It’s Time to Get Away from All the Noise

It’s Time to Get Away from All the Noise
Are you being bombarded by noise and distractions almost every hour of your day? It may start when your alarm clock blares in your ear to wake you up. Then your tea kettle frantically whistles for your morning cup. Soon you turn on your phone and all the missed calls and emails beep back at you.

You get in your car and drive to work while traffic lights flash in your eyes, horns honk to caution careless drivers and construction workers drill away on nearby streets. Then when you finally get to work, the gardener is clearing debris in the parking lot with a deafening and most annoying leaf blower!

No wonder we have trouble hearing the messages our soul is trying to give us! So, where can you truly escape from all these distractions and noise, and get reacquainted with your soul: On Retreat!

There are many options for retreats if you take time to look. One of my friends signs up for a silent retreat day at her church whenever she wants to unplug. From 9-4, she leaves all of her devices behind and gets a boxed lunch, a small room with a bed and desk, and beautiful grounds to stroll. What a wonderful landscape to rediscover your soul!

Another friend goes to a local monastery where the monks allow him to spend time alone for whatever method he chooses to reconnect with his soul—solitude, meditation, contemplative prayer.

I remember when I was teaching at Omega, I noticed during a break that the students looked so peaceful. I watched them writing in their journals, sitting under trees, meditating or just lying on the ground looking up at the sky.

How about planning your own personal retreat at home? Dedicate an hour or two or an entire day for just you and your soul. Surround yourself with pillows and some favorite mementos. Have a conversation with your soul. What’s been going great in your life? What are some challenges you need to unravel and let go? Look around at all the blessings—a desk you’ve always wanted, photos of loved ones, a stuffed animal from your childhood. Or if you’re in your backyard, enjoy the trees, flowers or beautiful sky.


Here’s your challenge this week. Do some research and find all options in your area to go on a retreat. It could be as elaborate as booking a day at a local retreat center. Or it could be just an hour or two on the grounds of a local museum, botanical garden, library or your own backyard.

It’s all about giving yourself time for you and your soul—by yourself in a comfortable and peaceful environment away from all the noise, devices and distractions.

When you give yourself this time, you’ll begin to tune in to the stillness and finally hear the wisdom of your soul.    

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Live a Soul-filled life!

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