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Trickster Medicine with Caroline Casey

Expand your range of responsiveness by opening to mythological mischief, unpredictable wisdom, and trustworthy intuition.


We all love freedom. To cultivate an ever-expanding repertoire of responses is to be allied with freedom and nature’s “evolutionary ingenuity,” which is another name for the Trickster — the characteristic that comes alive in difficult circumstances and that loves against all odds.

Your Trickster can help you shape-shift your reality, starting with cultivating your linguistic, metaphoric, and storytelling agility. When you change the metaphor, you change the story and literally change the world. How we tell our story — personal and collective — has everything to do with outcome.

Trickster Medicine is not the only medicine or practice, but it’s the sine qua non, because it renders all the other practices more effective. Trickster is one of the greatest teachers of the spiritual path AND the path of social influence. With Trickster backing you up, you can defuse conflicts, levitate into laughter, and transform situations with verbal aikido.

So in the name of your freedom, we invite you to a truly unique online event to kick off your 2018 — on the right (or left?) foot — with a wildly unpredictable agent of evolution: Caroline Casey, maestra of what she calls the “astro*mytho* guiding meta-narrative,” who will take you into the heart of Trickster Medicine.

Caroline will invite you to compost self-sabotage into nutrients for your unpredictable and wildly creative life in 2018. She’ll show you how to add spice and sizzle to all that has become routine and dare you to surprise yourself.

As you’re liberated, you help liberate others. There is no prison for the unexpected!

If you want a far saner form of reverence to lead our society, then it’s time for the Trickster to work magic in your life and turn you into the change agent you were meant to be. This event serves as the magical invitation for your eager genius to come alive!

Magic is simply a willingness to collaborate with everything; so we move our emotional default-setting of “status quo” to “Woof-Woof-Wanna-Play?!”

In this free mini-workshop, Caroline will show you how you can animate your Trickster skill set and fill your magic backpack with Reverent Unpredictability, which in language, metaphor, and action liberate everyone.

The truth is that both God and Goddess like to laugh and bless those who shake us out of self-inflicted, serious habits that are keeping us stuck.

When we ally with Trickster, we free up the evolutionary life force within us. We can dance through the dueling dualisms to find the coherent Whole at the heart of any moment.

A Free video Event
With Agent of Liberating Trickster 
Renowned Visionary Activist Astrologer 
Caroline Casey
Wednesday, April 25, 2018  5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

Location On-Line Event