Learning To Be Gentle With Myself 

below-view-of-pensive-man-with-coffee-cup-by-the-window-picture-id903541756 Learning To Be Gentle With Myself 

Have you ever seen a child fall and is urgently warned “Be careful” when it is already too late, the accident has happened?

To be careful, often sends a message to be cautious but be responsible for a future you cannot control.

Be careful, is telling you there is some danger and something you should do but not what to do.

More useful phrases give clear guidance. “Please watch where you are going.” or “Hang on to the railing when you walk up the stairs.”

It was too late to say be careful, when I found myself, kneeling by the side of my bed, braced on the nightstand for support. My lower back was in immense pain after sitting at my computer for 12 hours. I was afraid to move.


I allowed my body to find harmony, I gave my body time to restore balance.
I became aware of a sense of equilibrium.

Surrendering in the moment.

I had a beautiful revelation,


Slow with awareness is different from careful.

I am gentle with myself, is in the moment. It is caring, not careful

I care for myself when I am gentle with myself.

Gentleness is patient. Caring doesn’t rush. It is, simply
with what it loves.

Grace is soft
Grace is caring
Caring is kind

Be Gentle

I learned how to find the center of my being and use the strength of my legs to stand up.

I replaced the traumatizing thought of “be careful.” with positive supportive feelings. Not just thinking words as hopeful affirmations but actually choosing my feelings and experience. I am gentle with myself is a profound decision. I am with myself.

I support myself with love.

My love is caring for myself.

My center of gravity supports my stability.

Gravity is my friend.

I am gentle with myself.



Try standing on just your right foot, see how long you can balance and say out loud or to yourself “Be careful” Keep repeating “Be careful” while you are balancing.

Switch to standing on just your left foot, slowly say to yourself “I am gentle with myself.”
Breathe, relax and allow the stability of gravity to support you.

How does it feel to tell yourself “Be careful”? How do you feel when you say “I am gentle with myself.”?

I invite you to continue this week, by saying “Be careful” and feeling “I am gentle.” See how each one affects your daily activities. How does it feel to be gentle with yourself?


You can contact me at www.HeartfulHarmony.com
I welcome your comments and questions. Thanks! Will Hale

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