Lent Unraveled in Three Steps

girl-releasing-a-butterfly-picture-id169937958 Lent Unraveled in Three Steps

Did you know that Lent is a 40-day observation of fasting and feasting for millions of faithful Christians and Catholics? Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and concludes with Easter Sunday. Typically, people give up something for Lent, such as sugar, meat, or something physical. Regardless of creed or religion, what if everyone actually tapped into the spirit of the Lenten season. I'm calling this experience… Lent Unraveled.

Think of Lent as Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking. Decide to take 40 days to anchor yourself in a daily practice of prayer and meditation while being intentional can push your life so far forward.

A question that I often ask myself is…”But why though?” Do you want more out of life? Are you seeking a deeper more meaningful everyday experience and connection? Are you ready to create a life of abundance, love, bliss, joy, and prosperity? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I invite you to take this journey with me. To anchor your Lenten experience, follow these three steps:

1) Give up all negative thinking about yourself and others, but especially about yourself. Criticism, judgment, living in a space of “should’ve, could’ve or would’ve” has no place this experience. Create a space where you are doubt-free, fearless, and positive.

2) Set an intention or a goal for the next 40 days. This could be very simple does not have to be cumbersome. It could be as simple as I am deciding to take a five minute mental break every day just to quiet my mind so that I can clearly hear my next right steps.

3) Get yourself an accountability partner or partners. Invite others to travel these 40 days with you. This will help you anchor yourself in achieving your goal. The best part is that you can be a support for them too.

Take the next 40 days for you. Enjoy the journey. Wishing you light and love for your journey.

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