Let Your “Higher Self ” Be Your Guide

Let Your “Higher Self ” Be Your Guide - Temple Hayes
We’re all here to develop as individualized expressions of God. We gather and commune with others in different ways to remind ourselves of that very nature. We remind each other that we are Divine and that we’re God’s Beloved. And we recognize the crucial nature of being true to ourselves, and of becoming that authentic self.

You know that one apple tree bears up to 500 apples per year and within every apple is about 10 seeds. But with all those seeds that are in manifestation, there are only a few of them that will go on to become another apple tree. And that’s true for us, in our own nature. I’ve had lots of seeds in my life, as I’m sure you have, with the potential of becoming many different things. And yet within you and within me, there is a path, there is a way that we are supposed to become to experience and express, and when we’re not on that path, we feel the bumps (reminders to wake up and pay attention) on the road. But when we fight it, when we try to hang on to those rags of the past, when we say ‘Oh, no, I’m not ready for that step. I know I need to move,

I know relocating is what I need to do, but I’m just not willing” and we resist the push, we are not bringing in our true right.

Whatever that move is, or that shift that you need to make for yourself, be willing to let your “Higher Self ” be your guide... Thy will be done!

In her latest offering of spiritual treasures, Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes sets out to energize readers in coming alive with passion in "Being a Difference Maker: A Guide for Living Life Out Loud."


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