Tap your extreme potential and emerge a true winner

winner-picture-id872576300 Tap your extreme potential and emerge a true winner
Are you a procrastinator, are you constantly wondering how can you get rid of this crazy, lazy habit. Have you been constantly and deliberately putting things off because you are feeling too lazy for the moment, and then watching yourself observing your own behavior like another person objectively.

Some of us amazingly put our whole lives on hold due to this habit of ours, and no matter how frustrated we feel about our own attitude, we are not able to step away from it. I have noticed that with most procrastinators, tasks which are the closest to their hearts are kept for tackling last, as they are trying to fit in all the boring, cliched ones in their ' to do' list. They do not realize that somewhere at the back of their minds, stress has crept in. The more they think of their favorite task, the more they push it farther away thinking that it will be easily accomplished as they would like doing it. They feel the urgency to complete the boring tasks first. Stress levels keep mounting as time keeps passing by.

People need to understand that procrastination is a habit that gets into our lives due to our own lack of initiative. It leads to certain kinds of behavior patterns which become an inherent part of our lives. They not only become a habit, it also turns into a comfort zone. We tackle certain tasks with a lot of enthusiasm they seem easily achievable and our favorite subject seems to overwhelm us with inertia. We seem to wonder how we can move forward in handling this. We need to realize that we have to fight our procrastination.

Let me suggest you a few tips to battle this habit so that you can you can tap your extreme potential and emerge a true winner.


Do not constantly try to be a perfectionist. In trying to meet your own high standards, you waste a lot of time and just continue on the path, instead of reaching your goal. Go for the 'good enough' instead of continuously striving for the ultimate according to your thinking. Perfectionism keeps you away from your goal.


Dividing tasks into small achievable targets can be a good way of handling procrastination. It is only when we see this large project looming in front of us, that we feel like giving up for the moment and pushing it farther away.


When you realize that you have achieved a small target, the joy you feel will accentuate and push you towards achieving your larger goal. You feel motivated and energized to act positively and progressively.


We start doubting our own abilities when we find a task too overwhelming. Handling and accomplishing the easier tasks boost our own confidence levels. Also once the simple and easier tasks are taken care of, it is easier to climb on tour difficult and more far-reaching goal.


You need to focus on the positive gains you get on achieving your goal. That automatically leads to shedding the negative away.


Actively look at your resources and see why you are not doing the task at hand. Focus heavily on what you can do and what is the best way to do it. Do not allow negativity to sway your decisions.


Mostly when you have a task at hand to be accomplished, you feel distracted, your favorite T. V. show is being aired or you are in the mood to chat with a friend or pangs of hunger are striking you and you feel like snacking. Use these feelings as a propeller and don't allow distractions to take over. Use them to push you to accomplish your task despite their showing up.


You will notice about yourself that there are times of the day when your energy levels are at their highest peak. Use this time wisely to accomplish your toughest task. Then when you are in your lazy phase you can do the remaining easier work.


Make it a habit to give yourself a pat on the back each time you accomplish a small task. Celebrate your success in a small way by maybe treating friends, or doing something that makes you happy. The sense of satisfaction of your smaller achievement will propel you towards the larger one.


Do the easier tasks on your list first, so that you feel that a lot of things have been accomplished. Then you can come down on your main heavy task.


Sometimes we need to heed the simple slogan 'just do it'. Don't just go for the nitty-gritty. Take the bull by the horns and get down to doing it.

Drive the stress away, Don't be at the mercy of lazy thoughts, conquer them.
Don’t Give Up
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