It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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3 Easy Ways to Practice Mindful Writing and Creation


What do you think of when you think of the perfect creative space? The space where you have the peace and inspiration to write to your heart’s content? I’m not necessarily talking about writing a novel. It can be meditative journaling, creating content for your blog, or even writing a love letter to someone special. Is your perfect spot a sun-soaked beach with the sound of waves creating a thunderous soundtrack? Maybe it’s a coffee shop in the middle of a bustling European city where you soak up culture and sophistication. Or, perhaps it’s a mountain retreat deep in a snow-capped mountain range.


Now look out your window. Where are you? Are you in your ideal writing and creating location?


If the answer is yes, then kindly go back to what you’re doing and revel in the perfection. I’m sorry to have disturbed you. However, chances are that you’re not in your ideal writing location. Am I right? Your view may be of a dumpster, the neighbor’s swing set, or a front yard that really needs to be mowed.


May I share a secret with you? You’re not alone. You’re in good company. Ninety percent of the time we’re struggling to write and create in environments that are not conducive to creative thinking.


Does that mean we just throw our pencils in the air, throw out laptops, and give up? Luckily, we better options. Creating an ideal creative environment is something we have control over no matter where we are.


Our self-limiting beliefs will try to convince us otherwise, but our mindful superpowers are much stronger.


If creating eludes you because you don’t have an inspirational setting, practicing mindful writing can renew your faith in your abilities, and bring you face-to-face with the joy of creating, once again.


Accept Your Surroundings

Sometimes we can change our surroundings. Other times we cannot. You may have planned to spend all day writing the next chapter in your paranormal romance novel at that cute coffee shop around the block, but can’t because you have a sick kiddo at home who couldn’t go to school.


That’s a bummer for both of you.


In a situation like this, we have two choices: let the change dampen your mood to create, or find new inspiration. Consider streaming a coffee shop playlist, take a few breaths, and accept things for as they are. I find when we resist our surroundings less, we feel inspired more.


Honor Chaotic Thoughts

Sometimes it’s not that we’re in the wrong location to feel creative. Sometimes it’s that we have so much going on in our minds that we don’t have room to create.


That’s okay.


We lead busy, full lives. Much of the time it’s the variety in our lives that offer the most inspiration. Honor the richness of your life and the thoughts that reside in your mind. Let them come and go as they please, but also actively make room for creative thought, too.


I’ve written about binge thinking before, and I think it’s worth noting here, too. Binge thinking is a process I use where I give all those thoughts a pathway to leave my mind and find their way onto paper, or sometimes just out into the Universe through meditative thought. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, suggests that people spend time first thing each morning writing every thought that comes to mind, filling up several sheets of paper. She calls these morning pages. I call this binge thinking.


Whatever terminology works for you, and whatever methods allows you to honor your chaotic thoughts, do it. Let those thoughts out so you have the energy and space to focus on creating your masterpiece when you’re ready.


Nothing Has to Be Perfect

Well, some things have to be perfect. For instance, if you’re a brain surgeon and you’re repairing an artery in someone’s brain, then yes, perfection is non-negotiable. But creation is not perfection. Grammar, sentence structure, and paragraph form requires a degree of correctness, but let’s agree that this isn’t creating. It’s the mechanics of writing, which work themselves out later in the process.


Often, we create this need to have the ideal location to be creative because we think it’s a magical place that breaks open our souls, letting the ideas flow free like an engorged river.


It’s not.


That magical place we seek exists anywhere. And we have the power to create it at home with a sick kid or in the breakroom at our 9 – 5 jobs. Creating hates perfection. The more you seek it, the better “hider” creativity becomes.


The bottom line . . .


Mindful writing and creating takes practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day and overcoming your creative blocks won’t happen that quickly either. But the more time you spend approaching your creativity from a mindful perspective, the more filled with joy and inspiration you’ll become. Take time before you begin creating to find your center, clear your mind, and honor the creative being that you are.  


Namaste. The creative being in me honors the creative being in YOU.

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