A Boost Of Hope Can Keep You Going


Sometimes hope is what you need.


If you’re human, you’re going to come across at least one period in your life when you’re down and out. A time when it feels like life is against you. A time when monetary funds are depleted, your friends are nonexistent or your direction is blurry.


During this period there will be times when the stars seem to align and out of the blue synchronicity happens. It seems like your prayers have been answered and the solution you were waiting for appears. Your outlook has brightened and you feel hopeful and inspired. You proceed accordingly; thinking there is no way that things can’t work out at this point, especially with the ideal solution right in front of you.


But, then the unthinkable happens. The ideal solution doesn’t work out and now you’re back at square one.


When this point comes you have two choices.


1.     Give up and slip back to where you were.

Blame life, blame other people, blame yourself…blame someone for things not working out the way you feel they should have. Let depression take over and look at your future and possibilities as bleak.


This solution will get you nowhere.


2.     Remain hopeful.

I’ve learned that sometimes the solution that seems like the answer doesn’t show up necessarily because it is. Sometimes the solution shows up to give us what we need at that moment – hope. That hope is put in our path to fuel us and provide what we need to keep going. Sometimes it is not about the solution but actually about the hope.


If you can recognize that then you won’t allow yourself to drift back to where you were before. Instead you’ll take the hope and use it as fuel to keep moving forward. Fuel to keep going until the solution that is meant for you works out. Remember, the exact solution you need (take note that said need, not want) always works out; sometimes it just requires a bit more time.


There are times the Universe provides what appears to be the ideal solution not for it to actually solve your problems but instead for you to see the possibilities. It is put there to provide hope that a solution does exist and that it can happen. It is put there to provide enough hope to keep you going.

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