It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Cleanse. Create. Change.

Cleanse. Create. Change.

 Every year that passes we spend our last few hours reflecting on the “ALL” aspect of the last several months.


“ALL” that we were unable to accomplish. Who we may have had to say goodbye to or part ways with. The things we wish we would have done differently. The times throughout the year that were most difficult.


Even when we may briefly be able to identify the good from the previous year; it is too easy for our focus to swing back to “ALL” the negatives associated with the past 12 months.


But what about ALL the Good?






And why is it that we wait until New Year’s Eve to silently promise to Cleanse ourselves from the negativity that may have entered in the year prior. Or take the necessary steps towards Change and begin to Create the life we actually want to look back on and feel immense gratitude for.


Well, I want to let you in on a massive secret!


You don’t need to wait until the New Year rings in to Cleanse, Create and Change!


Maybe we just look for an excuse or need an extra little push to make things different in our lives. Or maybe we need the symbolism behind a fresh New Year.


For myself, I know that sometimes I forget how truly amazing I am – just the way I am. Whether I am my own worse critic or allow the world to ooze in; I can easily lose sight of this.


And the same goes for you.


Guess what?


You. Are. Perfectly Imperfect.


Just the way you are……


Buuut…. this doesn’t mean that we all couldn’t use a little tweak from time-to-time. A check-in or tune-up.  I mean they call it off-track for a reason. Every now and then we need to re-center. Re-gain clarity. Gain back our footing in our spiritual grounding. Re-access our lives and what we are trying to accomplish and become within them.


Instead, of a laundry list of “resolutions.” Why not place the focus on 3 simple areas? Cleansing. Creating. Changing.


Shift your mindset from “ALL” the negative, bad and unfortunate…. Re-frame your perspective and channel back to the fact that you are here and now for another moment in precious time!




We all have “work” to do on ourselves. Whether it is finding balance. Taking care of ourselves emotionally as well as physically or manifesting our goals and desires.


Because we are creatures of habit and tend to fall into patterns of negative energy (it so easy to do!) We tend to want to begin the year off fresh. With a clean slate.


A new year. A New You.




A good way to begin a new is to start at any time.  A new year, new week, or new day and cleanse yourself from all/any negative vibes looming around.


Cleansing is more than just hopping on the latest fad-diet train or celebrity detox. Don’t get me wrong – you need to take care of yourself on a cellular level by being mindful of what you are putting in and on your body, but cleansing is also about your spiritual well-being and your mind.


This New year take the time to cleanse your life of anything that needs cleansing. Negative people, self-doubt, insecurities, processed foods, chemicals, etc.


And anytime throughout this year take a moment to pause and evaluate what is necessary for you to reboot.


So that you can have a conscious mind to take the necessary steps towards creating!




I used to believe that we, as humans, are incapable of change. I WAS incorrect.


The amazing thing about living and being a breathing – talking – walking – human being. An energetic force on this large and beautiful planet is this:


We have choices! You have choices!


You can create the life you want.


Crazy. I Know!


Now, this will never mean that it will be easy or without any hardships or struggles. Creating the life you want, simply means that you know or have a pretty narrowed down idea of what you want and what needs to be done to obtain it.  You are aware of the necessary actions required to get you from here. To There.


That said. You may never know or understand the path. Or even exactly how you got here when looking back. But the journey is not about how it will happen. It is about having faith that it will and putting in the work (required actions) necessary to build that bridge.


So, the question should never be why can’t he/she/I just change…


We, You, I CAN, but with one important caveat. We must WANT it.




This is the beauty of this trio. 


If you don’t like the way anything is going in your life. You CAN change it.


You hold the POWER!


Cleansing is the prep that sets everything in motion. Creating is the journey - your trials and errors. Then, change can happen. At this final step is when you will start to see things blossom.


It is about moving past your fears and taking the first step.


Before you are able to create the life you want and place the change that you want into effect; you have to want a change to occur enough to put in the work.

My word for this year is… inspiration!
2018: My Conscious Call to Self-Love

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