Forget The Destination, The Gold Is The Journey

Forget The Destination, The Gold Is The Journey

The destination means nothing if you don’t appreciate the journey.


Life is a journey, not a destination. You’ve probably heard it before. But, what does it actually mean?


How many times were you asked as a child “What do you want to be when you grow up?”


From an early age you’re thrust into the mind frame of attaining, accomplishing or doing ‘something.’ Trying to be somebody. Wanting to go somewhere. Working hard to make something of your life. You get so focused on what you want to be, where you want to go, or what you want to do that you see where you are – right here, right now – as just a stepping stone; a necessary requirement for your desired result.


You find yourself believing thoughts like: “When I buy my dream house then I will be accomplished,” “When I make one million dollars then life will be more enjoyable,” “When I have a successful business then I will finally be fulfilled,” or “When I meet the perfect mate then I will be happy.”


The day-to-day becomes a blur. Your sight is narrowly focused on the destination; you’re not fully living life. You’ve forgotten what really matters.


If you’re looking for an external source to provide internal satisfaction, which currently eludes you, your search will be never ending. No matter what you accomplish or achieve there will always be a deeper emptiness that remains. True fulfillment, accomplishment and happiness is having the ability to access it right now, right where you are.


Sure, it’s great to reach your goals and accomplish your dreams but your ability to make that happen is acquired on the journey. It’s the journey that makes up the memories of your life. The journey molds you into the person you are today and into the person you will become in the future.


Stop waiting for something to happen or change for you to feel fulfilled…for you to be happy. Take inventory of your life right now. If only for a moment, let go of where you’re going and breathe in where you are.


Stop. Breathe. Look around.

Stop – Stop wishing for things to be different. Stop wishing for what you had or what you want and appreciate your life right now. Your circumstances may not be ideal, but there are lessons in the experience you’re having. Life is shaping and molding you for where you’re going and what you’ll do. Life is teaching you lessons you need to learn, evolve and grow. Like giving birth, there is beauty in the process even when it’s painful.


Breathe – Breathe in where you are. Each moment is it’s own experience that will never happen again. Breathe in the experience, breathe in the circumstance, breathe in the lesson; accept where you are as where you are…it is what it is; let go of any self-judgment.


If you don’t like where you are, breathe it in to conjure up the motivation to move past it and to develop resolve not to visit this lesson or space again.


If you like where you are, breathe it in to take in the wholeness of each moment of the experience. Breathe to take in the energy that comes with being in a space of joy and gratitude. Breathe it in as fuel to keep you going and propel you further.


Look around – No matter what you’re going through develop appreciation for the fact that it’s your experience, your life, yourjourney. You’re a unique individual and you’ve been given the chance to experience life. You are beautiful and there’s beauty surrounding you; you’ll see it if you choose to let it in.


The journey is your life, a part of your story. These are the precious moments and you get the honor of writing your story along the way. Getting to the destination isn’t the real accomplishment, what you lived through to get there is. Appreciate and treasure the journey.

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