It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Every New Year I wake up with so much gratitude and awe, and think of that fateful night in 1985, when I finally hit bottom, took my last drink, my last drug, and surrendered to my Higher Power. After all you can’t pray for deliverance and not let go. At some point the bottom rises to meet you. Then there is one moment of choice. We choose our future in these kind of moments, where we stand at the turning point and leap into the unknown or go back to the painful familiar.

Today marks 32 years of continuous sobriety from drugs and alcohol and its true that a lifetime has passed one day at a time. Who I was then, is not who I am today.

What I learned by being sober was first to live one day at a time. Every 24 hours if I lived with humility and gratitude I would be choosing a new future. It was in following a spiritual program that I learned that these principles can be applied to any struggle, anything at all that harms or victimizes. Addiction is a symptom of a spiritual and mental malaise at its core. Gratitude is the abracadabra that swings the door to a new world wide open.

We all tend to think it’s the outer world that hurts us, other people, life happening to us and at us, but truly it’s what happens inside us, through our thoughts and emotions, the stories we tell. Our reactions and conditioning keep us trapped in a story that can prevent our lives from flourishing. So although the choice of seeing ourselves differently may sound impractical for some it’s truly the way forward if we want to live in a world with purpose, prosperity and love.

Of course I am going to begin the year with a message that’s fundamentally all hippy dippy crystal bunny and New Agey !

It’s just that I’ve done this myself and you can too because it’s truly where the path to the real future is laid. We need to change our thoughts, our feelings, our expectations no matter what outer conditions invite us to perceive. It might sound like a worn out cliche but it’s real.

You are the magic! It’s inside you. That spark of the divine that inspires you, animates you, moves you forward is something inherent in you. It’s not outside of you. But you can influence the outer world in extraordinary ways when you commit to fostering this part of you that is powerful beyond measure. If you put your hand on your heart and breathe in gratitude for just 5 minutes a day you will be immersed in hope. You will start to see the world as Spirit filled brimming with potential and possibility and not destined to be run into the ground by the greedy fearful, angry, and delusional.

This is a new year. Will you use the power of your imagination, to choose your future and discipline your mind to see the world through the lens of your magic? Your case may not be anywhere near as extreme as mine was. But I discovered immediately that Spirit was my partner in life and my job was to discover how to honor that relationship. You can do it too. Anything you desire can manifest. You just need to learn this. To choose your future you need to ignite that power within you, stay in gratitude as often as you can. Only you can make this real.

You are the Magic- Li
ve it.

So guess who is wildly excited about this New Year? ME! I am super excited about all the new stuff I made for you to help you co-create the life you really truly desire. My book Uncharted is being released in paperback Jan 16th so stay tuned to all the gifts that will come with ordering the book, including book club, meditation package and more!

Also check out my public FB page for the Daily Oracle , daily messages from Spirit delivered with love through my oracle cards to keep you living your magic every 24 hours!


Love you always and forever let’s rock 2018 together!


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